Monday, June 17, 2013

How To: Curly Voluminous Hair

Today I thought I would make a post about how to get these voluminous curls. I did the curls on my friend, Emma, so thank you to Emma for being the model!

These are all the things I used!

I use a BaByliss-curlingiron. The name of it is Pro 180 19 mm - C319E (I found the name on their website.) It's a good curlingiron with 10 different heat options. I don't know how warm the curlingiron actually gets though.

These gurls works best in a little old-washed hair. That means that you haven't washed your hair in 1-2 days. (Any hairstyle is actually easier to make in old-washed hair!)

Let's begin!

First of, I sprayed some conditionerspray in the hair to make it a little easier to work with. 
Then brush through the hair.
Spray some heat protection in the hair to protect it from the heat. I use TRESemmé's heat defense spray, but you can use whatever you want. But using a heat protection-spray is EXTREMELY important! You do NOT want to damage your hair more than just using heat on it! Especially if you have dyed your hair.

Part the hair into 3 sections, like this:

One section on each side and one in the back.
Then it's just to start curling away!

Take about 1 inch (2 cms or 3 cms) big pieces and curl them from the bottom up, leaving a little less than an inch from the head. It's also important to curl AWAY from the face.

Leave it there for some seconds. Not longer than 10 seconds because I'm pretty sure your hair will burn off if you do that. Usually it's enough with just 5 seconds.
Then drag out the curling iron, letting the curl fall down. I then like to twist the curl with my finger so it becomes more "curly-looking" if you can say like that. Repeat this over the whole head, EXCEPT the bangs/fringe. If you have your hair parted in the middle leave a little hair on each side.

There you can see the front part not curled.

Curl the front part in small sections, leaving almost NO space between the head and the curling iron. This way you get more volume. (I wish I had a picture of this but my camera ran out of battery and I had no extra battery.) 
Also, leave the curling iron there less than 5 seconds so the ends are more curled than the rest of the piece of hair. Repeat this on all of the front parts.
If you have bangs/fringe you can take it all except some of the back parts of the fringe and curl the ends of the hair just fastly so it's a little waved. And curl the back parts of the fringe like I explained before.

When you're done with that part the hair in two sections and move a section to each side of the head.
Twist all of the curls into one big curl on each side and spray the hair with hairspray. You can push your fingers through the hair and mess around with it until you're satisfied. When you're happy with it, you're done!
The Hairspray I used

This is what it looks like when it's finished!

Hope you enjoyed reading this and let me know in the comments below if you found this helpful and if you want more of these posts and I'll try to do more!
And thank you once again to Emma for being a nice model and not complaining haha. I love you gurlllll<3

I'll see you guys tomorrow or wednesday, with a post about an amusement park trip! Take care!

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