Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nails & Nail Art

Current nails

I always get asked "How do you get your nails so long?" "How do you not pick your nail polish?" and "How do you do your nails?" so I thought I would make a post on it.

I don't actually know how I get my nails so strong and to grow so long and stay that way, but one thing I know will make your nails stronger is drinking milk.
I don't drink a lot of milk myself so I'm not quite sure if this will help for everybody but milk is good for your growth so it should make your nails at least a little stronger.

Also, when you get used to having long nails you don't ruin them that easily as you know they are there. 

Another thing is I never cut of my whole nail.
When I cut my nails I leave them 2-5 millimetres above the skin so they won't take that long to grow them back. And I also don't file my nails every day. I just kind of let them be.

"How do you not pick your nail polish off your nails?"
Honestly, I don't know. I guess it's the same, when you get used to having nail polish, and especially something you like, you just won't pick it because you don't wanna ruin it.
But I do pick my nail polish at times, but I fill them in later on so people think I don't pick them (fake it 'til you make it... NOT.)
Also, picking your nail polish makes your nails weaker and I don't want weak nails so I try not to pick my nail polish, mostly because of that reason.

When I do my own nails I use a Duroy (Finnish brand) eyeliner brush (Picture below) and why I use the eyeliner brush instead of a nail art brush, I actually have no idea. I just found this brush and I thought it was easy to do my nails with it so I continued using it.
Of course I recommend you to try different brushes because one might work for me while you can't use that one. And I also recommend buying a nail art brush if you feel sceptical towards an eyeliner brush for nails haha.

When I do the detailing on my nails I always hold my arm steady and comfortable so I'm not thinking "Ok let's get this over with fast because it's uncomfortable" and so my hand isn't going everywhere.

I just recommend you to take your time and be patient. I can sit for hours doing my nails and take small breaks. I'm a nail freak so it's worth it though.
Also, practice makes perfect and if you're good at drawing/painting then you have the upperhand in nailart since it's painting.

Justin Bieber Nail art

Easter Nail art

If you wanna know something more about nails or anything else, just leave it in the comments below! And give me blog post ideas too!

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