Friday, June 14, 2013

Positive Things About Living in Narnia (From a Fangirl's Perspective)

So as you can tell from the title today's blog post will be about living in what fangirls often refers to as "Narnia", which means living somewhere your favorite singer/band never goes to.

But there are some positive things about living in Narnia too! And we never think about the positive in anything so I thought I would come here and be a little positive for once!

First of all, if you're into keeping your favorite singer/band to yourself living in Narnia is good for you! Most likely 10% of the population knows who they are or likes them so if you wanna keep them to yourself this is the perfect opportunity! So if you're tired of everyone knowing and acting like they're the biggest fan of your favorite singer/band, move to Narnia! No one here will pretend to be their biggest fans, trust me!

The second good thing about living in Narnia is that if you tweet your favorite band/singer that you're from Narnia (insert your country instead of Narnia for this to work) and you really want them to follow you, they surely will (if you try hard enough and your favorite singer/band isn't Justin Bieber or One Direction) because they feel special knowing they have fans somewhere in Narnia! Trust me, this is how I get the little lessknown singers to follow me!

If you're into the bigger singers/bands like Justin Bieber, The Wanted, One Direction, Demi Lovato and so on the first 2 things might not be happening for you, but then think positively! They'll most likely visit your country someday because they're so big! (Though Justin is the only one who has dragged his ass all the way to Finland so far, but oh well)

A big plus when living in Finland if you like Adam Lambert (like I do) is that he comes here whenever he has a tour so many people have seen him in every concert he's ever done here! (Lucky people.)

If your favorite singer/band is one of those bigger ones then you never have to be scared of not finding their CDs in your city/country! And that's a big plus for liking big celebrities  because you know you'll always find their stuff in your city!

And if you like the little lessknown singers/bands then don't worry, iTunes is always an opportunity! And if that isn't working either, just download everything illegally! (Just don't tell anyone I encouraged that ok?)

I think that is everything for today! Please leave a comment and tell me if I forgot anything good about living in Narnia! I'm sure there are lots of other stuff!

And sorry for any spelling errors, it's 1:30am so I'm a little tired haha.

See you guys tomorrow!

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