Wednesday, June 26, 2013


First I wanna apologize for not posting anything in some days! I just haven't had anything to write about but that's ok.

I'm going on a one week camp tomorrow though so I felt like I needed to post something haha.

So yesterday I went to the mall with Emma (yes, that girl who was my model in one of my posts) and I wasn't actually meant to get anything since I was using my own money but I ended up buying clothes for 35€ but it was a win-win for me since everything was on sale!

I thought I would be a model and show you guys what I bought and how much they cost and from where I got it. (Actually everything I got, except 9 pairs of earrings from Gina Tricot, was from H&M)
Here goes nothing!

 The first thing I got is this crop top/t-shirt kinda thing that says "Cuba" on it. This was not actually on sale but it cost 4,95€ so it's kind of whatever.

The next thing I got is this crop top with "Glow in the night" on it. We actually also tried if it glows in the the dark and IT ACTUALLY DOES. That just made us really happy haha. This cost 5€ and I bought 2 of these, one bigger size and one smaller size 'cause I couldn't make up my mind on which one I wanted.

Then I also found this cute little t-shirt with a cute collar with black studs on it. The t-shirt says "Bad dreams are made of me" which kind of fits with me haha. This cost 7€

 The last thing I got is this white shoulder top (I guess it's called that) with some silver studs on it and a zipper on the back. This also cost 7€ 

So that is all the things I got! Plus this set of 9 earrings that we forgot to take a picture of oops.

I will see you guys in one week, take care!

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