Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Song Ratings

So Today I asked my followers on tumblr to send me their favorite songs and I told them I would make a blog post about all those songs.

I'm gonna warn you guys, I am a music person and there's not a lot of songs I don't like so most of these songs will actually be rated 10/10 haha. But here we go!
(You can click on the song to get to the song I talk about)

2 People told me to listen to Imagine Dragons - Demons one was anonymous but the other one was mygoldentickettoparadise

Personally I love Imagine Dragons so I've listened to this song millions of times.
It's such a lovely song and to get a little personal I've been able to relate to it and I might still be able to relate to it. I also love Imagine Dragons because they write songs about... Deep thoughts and stuff that people might be afraid to admit. So I definitely rate this song 10/10!

thelittleballoflight told me to listen to Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love

Recently I've actually had an Ed Sheeran-phase so can you guess how much I've been listening to this song? I'm absolutely in love with it and Ed Sheeran deserves all the awards for all the songs he makes. 
I rate this song 10/10 (hahahahaha) because it's just perfection at its finest and also Ed's voice and how he sings with so much emotion deserves everything good in this world.

gibson241 told me to listen to Tenth Avenue North - Worn

I hadn't heard this song before. But it made me cry. I'm an extremely emotional person so I'm not surprised I cried while listening to this song. Such a beautiful and emotional song! 
The singer has such a perfect voice it's unbelieveable. This song and this band (I guess it is) needs more recognition than it has! I mean less than 500k views on youtube, that's not ok!
Go listen to it guys, I swear you won't regret it!
Definitely 10/10 on this song too!

inked--shame told me to listen to 2 songs so here we go!

1. Saosin - You're not alone  
Awesome song. I'm ashamed of myself that I haven't heard this song before now. Seriously why didn't anyone tell me to listen to this earlier? 
Definitely 10/10 on this song too.
I don't really know what else to say about this other than perfection.

First of all, I've seen gifs and pictures of these people on tumblr but no one has ever said who they are. So I've never had a chance to listen to their music! But now that I heard this song I could go on for forever and listen to one song and another and another.
I rate this 9/10 only because sometimes it was hard for me to recognize the words but other than that it was absolutely perfect!

2 People told me to listen to P!nk - Perfect (WARNING! Explicit) but those 2 people were anonymous

I'm one of those persons who love P!nk but never talks about her because I wanna keep her lovely music to myself. Is that stupid?
Anyways I don't think I should talk that much more about this song other than that it's perfect and it makes me happy everytime I hear it!
Definitely 10/10.

morepositivity wanted me to listen to Simple Plan - Perfect

Simple Plan is one of my favorite bands ever so of course I love this song! Even though it's written from a boy's perspective (I guess) I can still relate to it and I think everyone can relate to it at times.
10/10 on this one too!
Also just wanna say, if you haven't listened to Simple Plan you have to do it N O W! They won't disappoint you!

hopelessphilophobic told me to listen to P!nk - Beam me up

As I already said I love P!nk so of course I also love this song! I don't even know what to say about this song other than it's so beautiful. 10/10 on this one again.

Personally I'm not a Beatles fan so I haven't listened to their music. I can't actually say I'm into this kinda music so I'll rate this 6-7/10. The song just confused me. But I gotta say of course they are talented, it's just not something I enjoy.

2 People wanted me to listen to Pierce the Veil - A match into water and one of them were broganengland

I've listened to some of their songs before and they do have some good songs. This song had lovely lyrics and I can understand why people like them. The only thing I didn't like in this song is the screaming or what should I call it?
"I kissed the scars on her skin, I still think you're beautiful, I don't ever wanna lose my best friend" The best line in the whole song. I rate that line 10/10 and the whole song 8/10.

Now we're getting to the part of this post when all the songs are suggested by the ever so lovely Christine (LOVE YA GURLLLLL) 

Let me tell you how much I love this song. I will rate this 10/10 as I'm crying over its perfection. 
The music video is perfect, the song is perfect, they are perfect and everything' s perfect

Didn't even remember I've heard this song wow. But I loved it since day 1, I just haven't heard it in ages. 10/10 on this song as usual!

The singer's accent! That was the first thing I noticed about the song. His accent is cute haha.
Over all the song is funny for some reason and it's a song I'd be dancing to in my room when I'm home alone.
9/10 on this song!

First of all, funny music video!
I'm not really into this kinda music so I'll rate it a 7/10. I'm just not feeling it, ya know?
Don't really have a good argument as to why though, other than that I don't like this kinda music.

The music video is one of the most beautiful music videos out there! I cried when he put the ring on her finger and helped her up. That was such a beautiful moment!
I have to rate this song 10/10 because it's such a beautiful song and the girl's voice is like an angel's voice! Hope one day I will feel this way the song described.

That is all the songs!

I hope it wasn't too boring just reading about songs but I recommend you guys to listen to all of these songs and maybe rate them yourselves in the comment section below!

Thank you to everyone who told me their favorite songs and thank you Christine for the list of so many songs! Sorry I didn't include them all!

If you wanna go follow the people who was included in this video just click on their names and you'll get to their blogs!

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