Sunday, June 16, 2013

You're Beautiful Just the way YOU are!

First I wanna apologize for not posting this post earlier. I've been pretty busy the whole day running from one christian meeting to another so now when it's almost 2am I've been reblogging on tumblr to keep my followers happy (haha) and done some other stuff. And Now I thought I would talk a little about something that is pretty sensitive to some people. Confidence.

First of all, most teenagers don't have much confidence. But they have this air of confidence around them and maybe they're even mean to other people so others start thinking that they are confident. But let me tell you something about these people. They're not that confident. 
Don't you get it? They have to put people down to feel good about themselves. And you know what? You're better than them. You're better than that.

You don't have to put someone down to be confident and to be loved. You're loved just the way you are.
It might make most of you shake your heads like "No I'm not loved." But YES YOU ARE. I love you. Your mom loves you. Dad loves you. Your dog/cat/animal loves you. Your siblings loves you. Your friends loves you. And God loves you.

As I'm a Christian and I come from a Christian family I've grown up with God. But I just recently saw his love. Actually it all happened earlier today. (That's an whole 'nother story) But God's love for you is so so big. It's amazing how much he loves you. And He created you, to be a picture of him. And God is beautiful, so why wouldn't you be?

If you're not a Christian then don't worry, you're still beautiful. If you don't believe God created you, then you're still beautiful. And you're so loved.

And you're beautiful, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.
You don't have to have a thigh gap to be beautiful. And having a thigh gap is beautiful too. 
You don't have to have long hair to be beautiful. And having long hair is beautiful too.
You don't have to be on every boy's "Girls I'd like to fuck" list to be beautiful. You don't NEED a boy to be proved that you're beautiful.

Sadly we grow up in a world where self confidence and self love is something you shouldn't have. People look at you like you're dumb if you go "I love myself". Like "Why is she bragging and how dare she?" 
But it's ok to love yourself. It's ok to be confident. And it's ok to think that you're beautiful.

Also don't get me wrong, you can change yourself. But ONLY if it makes YOU happy. Don't do it for that boy you like. Don't do it to fit in. Don't do it to be loved. You're LOVED by just being yourself. So you don't have to change yourself to be loved. But if it will truly make YOU happy to change yourself then go ahead. Just know for sure, in your heart, that you're doing it for yourself. Because when you're older you might regret ever changing yourself for a boy or to be more popular or whatever. Because as you grow up you realize boys aren't everything. Popularity isn't everything. And to be pretty isn't everything.

And never in my life do I wanna be called pretty. Wanna know why? It's such a small word. It has no power. Like "Look, that girl has a pretty face." yes. Sure. But will that pretty face bring the world peace? No. Only PERSONALITY can do that. I can be pretty AMAZING. Pretty WONDERFUL. Pretty BEAUTIFUL. But NEVER just pretty on its own. 

Just so you know, faces, thigh gaps, popularity, prettiness will NEVER help change the world. Having a wonderful personality will. So at the end of the day that thigh gap you want because some boy you like reblogs a girl with a thigh gap isn't that big when having a beautiful and loving personality I know YOU have. And those big boobs you want so you'll fit into the popular girl group at school will never help you change the world. Your beautiful and loving personality will.

So go on, try to get a thigh gap, but know it won't change lives. It won't change the world. But a beautiful and loving personality will.

And that is the reason why you're beautiful, Just the way you are.

I'm only human, of course I had to put this here!

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