Monday, July 29, 2013


Hello there guys!

I wanna start off by apologizing for not really writing on here everyday. I just. I've got such a horrible blogger's block and I have like a million ideas for future blog posts that I can never seem to get myself to write... Weird huh?

The summer is almost over and I've come to realize that I didn't do a lot productive stuff this summer either.
You know when you finish the school year and you think "this summer I'm gonna meet a boy and I'm gonna make new friends and I'm gonna go do this and do that and I'm gonna be who I wanna be with no regrets and I'll hang out with my friends all night and it's gonna be AWESOME!!!" and then you end up doing like 1 thing out of all the things you said you would do? Yeah that happened to me this summer AGAIN! 

Last summer I spent doing I don't even know what (probably spent 99% of the summer on tumblr hurrayyyy) and this summer I've spent 99% on youtube so what's really the difference? Except that on tumblr people write about their problems and needs and stuff and on youtube people talk about their problems and needs. And tumblr people are a lot easier to get in contact with as half the youtube community is just famous people who WILL NOT NOTICE YOU NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY *cough* ZOE SUGG *cough* ily gurl notice me.

One big difference from this summer and the past ones is that I HAVE actually managed to make some new friends.
I don't know if I've told you guys but I went to a confirmation camp (you know when you get confirmed and then you can get married in the church etc?) and I made a lot of friends there as everyone was so friendly and outgoing and yeah. I will probably write more about the camp later when my post camp depression will leave haha.

With my confirmation group and the camp counselors

In the future I will be updating this blog every once in a while but I realized that I actually am a real person and can't do stuff when I feel like I "have" to do it. So therefore I'll write on this blog whenever I feel like "hey I could write about that!" 

There will (probably) be a blog post about Särkänniemi amusement park and my day there as I'm going there on thursday with my mom and my friend Emma! (Not the Emma who was my model for the hair tutorial but my other friend Emma, also known as Emppu) So you guys can look forward to that!

Take care luvies!
(For more pictures from my life you can follow me on instagram @itsmaddiehbu, I upload there regularly)