Saturday, August 17, 2013

A little bit of Everything

Hello there!

In this post I'm going to talk about a little bit of everything so get ready for many random things and stuff and people.

Firstly I wanna tell you guys about the picture above. It's from a place in Ukraine called "Tunnel of love"
Some months ago I saw really beautiful pictures of abandoned places in the world and today I googled more picture. That picture above always pops up, no matter what site you're on.
Now The point in why I'm telling you this is I just got such a strong dream to go to every single one of those places and take a picture of them but make them be less abandoned. 
Every single place I saw just looked so beautiful that I made a promise to myself that when I'm older and when I have money I WILL go to some of those places. Alone or with someone.

If you're also interested in looking at those beautiful places here's links to pictures of 66 of the most beautiful abandoned places:

Hopefully it won't just stay a dream to visit those places, but that I will actually get to blog about visiting them one day!

Next up I'm gonna talk about my first week in school as a 9th grader!
We started school on tuesday 13th I believe... That day was pretty easy except we got to hear "this is such an important year for you" about a zillion times from our teacher. Nothing rude meant but do the teachers really think any of us gives a flying crap about that? We KNOW we have to get good grades, but school also isn't the only thing in life. We have friends, boy/girl problems, family problems and everything and sometimes school is the last thing we think about.

Wednesday and thursday were normal days which meant we started school at 8:10am and finished at 2pm.

And on friday I overslept and came to school at about 8:50am...
What happened was that I was really tired at night when I put on my alarm so I accidentally put it on 7:45PM so of course my alarm didn't even go off in the morning when it should go off...
I woke up at 8:10am which is when school starts and I'm like "noo I just wanna sleep why is this happening" so I got up and ran out of my room and almost ran into my mom who had also overslept and woke up at the same time. So then we're both like "I OVERSLEPT!" which was pretty funny.
Anyway, I got ready in ninja speed as the ninja I am and mom drove me to school but you know when you're really stressed and running late? Yeah the whole world is against you then. We had to stop for red lights every 10 second and we had cars driving 10kms per hour in front of us and stuff so even if I was ready to leave from home at 8:35am it still took 15 minutes for me to get to school... WOW the fact that I managed to to that oh.

I also wanna talk about a good warm drink for days when you've been stressed and sad.
All you need is to mix 3-4 tablespoons of o'boy or cocoa with hot milk. Then put in about 1-2 tablespoons of vanilla and a sprinkle of  cinnamon and you have your yummy relaxing hot drink for a stressful day.

As I'm writing this I've actually been drinking my first cup of that hot drink and wow it's good. It also actually helps me to relax and just clear my mind so I'm focused on writing.
So if you're having a rough day just drink that and you'll feel better! I promise!

And last but NEVER least is a new discovery on youtube via tumblr.

1. Go to any youtube video.
2. Pause it.
3. Click anywhere outside the video.
4.  Type 1980.

Now you will get confused as nothing will happen directly but wait for a second or two and the greatest thing on earth will appear for you! AND I PROMISE THIS ISN'T A SCREAMFACE!

Now I'm gonna leave you with all of the great things on internet and go cuddle with my dog. Have a nice following day/night and I'll write to you next saturday!
From Yesterday with Emma, copyright by Emma.

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