Friday, August 9, 2013

God Bless your souls, British Youtubers

Hello there!

Today I'm coming to you with a different post, I think, as this is about Instagram and the fact that God blessed me with this day. 
On thursday I posted this lovely picture of Zoe and Louise on my Zoe account on instagram.

And then I just did some other great stuff and posted some other pictures not really thinking of it anything. 
I then managed to get myself to sleep and wake up and the first thing I see as I check instagram in the morning is this:

The tears just streamed down my face and I can't believe she knows I EXIST. 
Louise is probably one of the nicest people on earth and she's hilarious and having her liking my picture just made my day. She literally made my whole day and month by just double clicking on her phone and that's awesome, isn't it?

I went on with my day just kind of living in paradise and I did a drawing of the lovely Sugg siblings, aka Zoe and Joe Sugg (Zoella and ThatcherJoe on youtube, look 'em up will ya?)

I've done much better drawings but Joe turned out okay hah. 

Then I guess I didn't think of it anymore and I went on with my day. Until like an hour or so ago (It's almost 2am now) when I saw my phone just lighting up and I see "@Joe_Sugg liked your photo"
I sat and stared at my phone. I was like "noooo it's a fake account." So I check. AND IT'S NOT A FAKE ACCOUNT. Joe actually saw the drawing and l i k e d it. THE Joe. My inspiration's brother saw the drawing I made for him and My inspiration, Zoe.
My heart is still beating like a b*tch and I'm not sure how I can manage to actually write a whole blog post properly but I'm doing it. The struggle is real of course though, but yeah.

God bless your souls, Louise and Joe. Thank you so much for making my day and my month and my year. Just thank you. You might not understand how much it might mean just when you like a photo on ig but it can literally make someone feel so much better about themselves. So just please, don't ever stop just being yourselves and liking pictures and tweeting and answering people. Because you 2 mean the world to so many people and I guess it's hard to take in but that's how it is. 
So thank you for being yourselves and making youtube videos to make us, your viewers, happy. Only just that makes our day/weeks!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post about this flawless day and I'll be writing to you again, next saturday! (:

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