Saturday, September 28, 2013

Little Good Things

(Taken by Emma 1 week ago)


When you're reading this I'm at camp and I'm probably dead by now because of how rainy and cold it is. 
I do love Fall and I still do, but lately it has just been really rainy and chilly. I enjoyed it for a little while but now that I'm going to camp (As you're reading this I am at camp) I don't want it to be raining and cold.

I've been sitting in front of my laptop now for over an hour trying to figure out what to write about and I'm not quite sure yet what I wanna write about in this post so excuse me if this is a total mess and all over the place, I just haven't had any chance to get any ideas throughout the week as it has just been way too much in my head.

Someone once suggested that I write about something I love, so I thought I would for this blog post give you a list of little good things in life that makes it all worth it!
  • Dancing to music in your room (Like who doesn't love pretending to be great at dancing when no one sees?)
  • Caffe lattes (Do I need to explain? No? Good)
  • Waking up and then realizing it's saturday so you can sleep as long as you want (I'm great at sleeping so I'm even more thankful when this happens to me than to you, I swear)
  • Singing at the top of your lungs
  • Hugging someone taller than you and just disappearing in their embrace (Emma, I'm thinking 'bout youuuuuu)
  • Taking naps (Again, I love sleeping)
  • Romantic comedies (I don't think one girl disagrees when I say those are the best kinds of movies)
  • Wearing new clothes (It's like "wow yay they're actually mineeeeee!!")
  • Taking funny pictures with your friends 
I think that's it for this time. I'll try to make a better post next week and then maybe I can write about the camp I'm at now over the weekend (:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Looking Back at "Skriba" (Confirmation camp)

Hello guys!

Today has just been one of those days where I've been missing summer so much and I realized I haven't actually written anything about my one week Confirmation camp I was at in the beginning of July so that's what you're gonna be reading about today!

First you all should know that when I say "Skriba" I mean a one week camp that you go to so that you can get Confirmed which I think every country has differently but in Finland we go to a camp.

Looking back at Skriba I find myself missing it way too much. I didn't think one week would pass on that quickly and when it actually did I was really, really sad.
Not only because it was all over, but because I felt like now we all go back to our normal lives and families and we might not hang out everyday like we had done for one full week.

It also made me really sad that the camp was over because during the camp I felt like I was finally apart of a really big group of friends who all were different but great and funny people, and I felt like it was horrible to have to go back to our normal lives again.
(I'm so close to DEMANDING someone to plan a weekend for our Skribagroup to just hang out and have the great fun that we did at the camp and it's actually really tempting. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaasseeeeeeeeeee?)

When I was packing for Skriba I honestly didn't have a clue what I should be expecting and I didn't have any hopes as to how the camp would turn out.
I had heard from Mikku what Skriba was like and how fun it could be but I wasn't sure if that would be the case for our Skriba.
We were such a mixed group of people and I felt like it wouldn't be able to get a strong relationship over one week. But oh, I think you can all scream at me now for being wrong because we did become a lot closer.

If I would start writing all about what we did at Skriba you would be sitting here for... Well... One week as It happened way too much there to tell you guys about it, but what I can say is that I don't think I've ever felt that many mixed emotions about something in my life.

One minute I was laughing and suddenly another minute we're all crying, like my emotions were all over the place that week and I don't think that's a secret haha. But most of the time it was just weird tears that decided they would start rolling down my face. (Does that ever happen to you? Hmmm it's weird...)

Now you might ask me WHAT exactly did we do at camp? Hmm... Well... 

There were these 2 guys that shaved their heads for a skit and I still don't understand w h y

What happened was we won the Olympic games sooooo we got this great award and had to kiss it

Victory is nice, I'm tellin' ya

The day we had to pack our bags and leave I cried because I felt like it was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalll over.

But thankfully we've hung out after the camp too but I'm still demanding a weekend for our Skriba like IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR?! *Everyone, including myself, nods as they read this*

If I have to sum up Skriba in one word I would say Lifechanging, because that one week of camp changed my thought on a lot of things and it brought me closer to God. 

When I got to Skriba on Thursday, 27th June I didn't feel excited or hopeful, I actually felt like I wanted the week to be over.
On Thursday, 4th July I felt like I never wanted to leave. 

I know I'm writing this months after it all happened but when life gets all back to normal and we're all in the rush of school, hobbies and friendgroups I don't think we take enough time to look back at great things and remembering the good things in life, so I decided today was the day to do that. 

I wanna thank all of you lovely people who was at my Skriba, and I wanna say that I miss you guys, I truly do and NOW I'M DEMANDING AT LEAST A MOVIE NIGHT PLEASE.
Haha moooooooseeees

And thank you to Jenny for taking all the pictures except the first one and I know I stole them and I'm so sorry but I didn't have any pictures myself, just videos, sooooo I did what I could haha.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Apps make your life easier

Hello beautiful people!

So I got an iphone about half a year ago and since that my life has been a lot easier as all the apps just reminds you of everything so you don't even have to remember ish anymore! (In the long run this will probably just cause me to not be able to remember anything by the time I'm 20 but for the time being it's good.)

I recently found this iDrated app through Zoella on her twitter and I thought I would download it as I'm trying to drink more and keep myself hydrated.

It's really cool! All you do is you fill in how much you've been drinking. Let's say for example that you drink a water bottle that is 1 liter, then you just fill in that you drunk that and then it shows you how hydrated you are.

Another app I recently downloaded because of my lack of interest and care for doing homeworks is MyHomeworks which is a free app.
What you can do on there is to put in your classes for this semester or whatever you choose and then it shows you what classes you have and all the information you've previously filled in.

You can also fill in what homeworks you have and in what class and when it's due to and all that cool stuff!

It basically takes care of everything so you don't have to do it! Except that it doesn't do your homework sadly...

Some other apps I would recommend is the sleep cycle app. This app costs but in my opinion it's totally worth it! 
The app wakes you up at the best time possible, it shows you how well you've slept and you can even get reasons as to WHY you slept the way you did!

That's all I had for you guys today, hope you guys have had a wonderful week and remember to relax this weekend so you're ready for school again on monday! (Wow parenty much huh?)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cleaning out my Room

Hi there!

First of all I wanna apologize for not doing the "August favorites" post as I said I would. I just realized I don't have that many favorites so... #Awkwardgirl

Anyways, I have started cleaning out my room!
We re-did my brother's room almost 2 years ago and we were meant to re-do my room exactly after but it never happened.
Now I've really recently wanted my room to be fresh and new so I started cleaning out and putting down my stuff in boxes. Believe me when I say, though, that I have waaaaaaaay too much stuff for a 15 year old girl!

It has also been really interesting to look trough all my stuff and put them in boxes as I've found millions of embarrassing dairies from when I was like 10. I'm only 5 years older now but I feel like I was 3 and not 10 when I wrote those daries...
I also found this:

That really can't be that old but it literally got me cracking up like an idiot. Give me strength.

Today I cleaned out my bookshelves and wow, that was a lot of work.
I'm happy that I'm finally getting to it though as my room is literally the lamest room on Earth and this room hasn't been re-done since it was made and that is over 15 years since so hey that's fun. (Like the walls have dogs on them, stop judging me.)

I have sooooooo many cool ideas for the room though and I'm excited to start fixing it all with my dad! 
It will take a little while until we're going to start re-doing it because I still have a lot of stuff to pack down. But when we start I'll let you guys know!

I should probably also tell you guys why I'm updating on a thursday and not a saturday. Well, we're going to my grandparents this weekend and they live 200 kms away from here so no internet connection there whatsoever. I still do have my phone but I don't like how the posts end up if you post them from your phone.

Hope you guys have had a great week and I hope that those who went back to school this week don't stress too much already! Take everyday as they come (:

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Falling into Fall

Hello people!

I apologize for not posting yesterday as I had planned on doing but I really didn't know what to write about!

Today it's 1st of September and that means we're getting into the Fall season (Or as you UK people say, Autumn)
Fall is actually my favorite season as it's just so easy to breathe and all the bright colors just makes me so happy.
But I gotta be honest and say that I have NEVER waited for Fall as much as I've been doing this year. And I'm already in the christmas spirit. This shouldn't be happening.

But I am so ready to wear big, lose sweaters everyday to school and I'm also ready for Fall break which is in 6 weeks. (So done with school oh.)

Next week's post will be an August random Favorites so stay tuned for that!