Saturday, September 14, 2013

Apps make your life easier

Hello beautiful people!

So I got an iphone about half a year ago and since that my life has been a lot easier as all the apps just reminds you of everything so you don't even have to remember ish anymore! (In the long run this will probably just cause me to not be able to remember anything by the time I'm 20 but for the time being it's good.)

I recently found this iDrated app through Zoella on her twitter and I thought I would download it as I'm trying to drink more and keep myself hydrated.

It's really cool! All you do is you fill in how much you've been drinking. Let's say for example that you drink a water bottle that is 1 liter, then you just fill in that you drunk that and then it shows you how hydrated you are.

Another app I recently downloaded because of my lack of interest and care for doing homeworks is MyHomeworks which is a free app.
What you can do on there is to put in your classes for this semester or whatever you choose and then it shows you what classes you have and all the information you've previously filled in.

You can also fill in what homeworks you have and in what class and when it's due to and all that cool stuff!

It basically takes care of everything so you don't have to do it! Except that it doesn't do your homework sadly...

Some other apps I would recommend is the sleep cycle app. This app costs but in my opinion it's totally worth it! 
The app wakes you up at the best time possible, it shows you how well you've slept and you can even get reasons as to WHY you slept the way you did!

That's all I had for you guys today, hope you guys have had a wonderful week and remember to relax this weekend so you're ready for school again on monday! (Wow parenty much huh?)

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