Sunday, September 1, 2013

Falling into Fall

Hello people!

I apologize for not posting yesterday as I had planned on doing but I really didn't know what to write about!

Today it's 1st of September and that means we're getting into the Fall season (Or as you UK people say, Autumn)
Fall is actually my favorite season as it's just so easy to breathe and all the bright colors just makes me so happy.
But I gotta be honest and say that I have NEVER waited for Fall as much as I've been doing this year. And I'm already in the christmas spirit. This shouldn't be happening.

But I am so ready to wear big, lose sweaters everyday to school and I'm also ready for Fall break which is in 6 weeks. (So done with school oh.)

Next week's post will be an August random Favorites so stay tuned for that!

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