Friday, October 18, 2013

Julia's blogpost ♥

I decided to start this by telling something about myself :)


  • I'm sixteen years old
  • I live in Lappeenranta
  • I have three best friends; Maddie and Saara, whose live like million kilometers away from me and Tatu, my boyfriend.
  • I've known Maddie like for a year now. I think. Or more. Idk.
  • Singing is my passion.
  • I dance in a dance team.

I think those are the most important things about me. 

I still haven't decided what should I write in here, but I think I'll tell how me and Maddie met each other.
So we met in Twitter, and we just started to talk. We talked every day almost all the time. 
Then we heard that Justin Bieber is coming to Finland and we both went crazy. Like asjgdfsfsfs, WE'RE GONNA SEE EACH OTHER. We counted days to the concert. 225, 224, 223 .. 3, 2, 1. And then the day came. 
I jumped to a train and went to Helsinki. I was there like 08.00 on morning with my friend and we went to the Kämp Hotel. I called Maddie like every ten minutes and asked where she was. 
It was like 10 am when Maddie arrived to Helsinki. I was in train station waiting for her and when I saw her train coming I started to jump and panic, aksjhfgs. When the train stopped I started to looking for a Maddie and when I saw her I ran into her and hugged her. We both started crying and taking pictures of us. 

We went shopping the next day and spent all day together :) 

I love you, bestie :* 

And I've dedicated this song for maddie, you can hear it HERE 

" 'Cause it's us against the world,

you and me against them all.
If you listen to these words 
know that we are standing tall.
I don't ever see the day that 
I won't catch you when you fall.
'Cause it's us against the world tonight."

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