Saturday, October 26, 2013



I've been postponing this post for the last hour so I thought it was fair to write about all kinds of procastinating things today haha.

We're gonna talk about procastinating important things like studying for tests or doing homeworks.
Now some people procastinate that way that they sit on the computer for a while to try and not study for a test and then after a while they start studying.
Then there is me who try to do everything that I possibly could think of to not study for a test and ending up feeling like I'm not gonna pass the test (which hasn't happened yet so I'll probably continue procastinating.) Now when I say that I try to do absolutely everything to not have to study I mean EVERYTHING. I don't usually go out for a walk with our dog but I do that when I have to study, I start watching kids' shows which I never do either and I just try to push the studying out of my brain. Luckily for me though I actually listen to the teachers in class and I can pass tests without studying but I know not everyone has it that way. Which if you're reading this to not study I'd tell you to finish reading this and THEN STUDY. (;

With homeworks it's the same way but I can't get away with it as teachers actually check if we do homeworks at my school so I often end up doing the homeworks before the class in school. Yes, I'm a pro like that.
Right now though I'm procastinating while writing this. I should be packing because we're going to my grandparents' but then I've postponed this since yesterday so now I'm writing this and THEN I will pack.
Another thing that I should really get to is reading this book that we have to read in swedish class because we have to have it finished next thursday... I've read less than 100 pages in that book and it has like 300+ pages. Guess if I'm screwed?

What I know though is that even if I know procastinating is bad I will never actually stop doing it because procastinating on tumblr is so much funner (yes, I just wrote funner) than studying for a test in biology. That's just a fact.

That's all from me for this week, take care until next week!

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