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Reviewing & Rating: Miley Cyrus' New Album "Bangerz"


As a girl who actually adores Miley and doesn't care about how many times she licks a hammer I thought it was only right for me to review her new album "Bangerz" that, I might as well add, is #8 on the Finnish iTunes Charts and the 2 songs that are out in US ("We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball") are in the top 10 on the US iTunes Charts. (I'm not quite sure about this but apparently "Bangerz" isn't out in the US yet)

The deluxe version (on iTunes) has 16 songs, some posters,pictures and more.

But let's not jump from one thing to another and just start reviewing the songs, one by one.

1. Adore You
The first song on the album starts off by showing us all that Miley can still sing. A lot of people has been doubting that and denying that she would actually be able to sing, but no, here we are all having to admit that we're slowdancing on our own to the first song. It's simply wonderful with the "You-huhuhu" in the chorus and the echoing throughout the whole song. This song is a great song to start an album with!
I give this song a 5/5 because it deserves it. Well done, Miley!

2. We Can't stop
I think we can all agree that when this came out EVERYONE, including you and your grandma and your grandma's grandma, listened to it and sung it, no matter how much they have claimed they hate Miley. 
I think Miley did great going from Hannah Montana to this funny and outgoing human being. I do wish she would've made another song from the album her first single as I think a lot of people judged the whole album off that one song and a lot of people probably thought the album was gonna be all just these kinda songs.
If we're gonna talk about the music video I don't have a lot to say about it, simply just... Crazy. But not in any hateful way haha, I liked it!!!
I give "We can't stop" a 4/5!

3. SMS (Bangerz) ft. Britney Spears
First off all, Miley and Britney in one song means craziness and a lot of great stuff! 
I think the song is a little bit too "Repeaty" but other than that I love it! It's that kind of song that makes you wanna twerk, no matter how much you might suck at it haha. I do feel like Miley's voice is a little bit too much auto-tuned in this one but it might just be me.
I give it a 3/5 and I have explained why already hah.

4. 4x4 ft. Nelly
This song again starts off with the chorus and makes me think of country music. It also shows off what Miley can do and how great a song can be that has such a boring title. I also think that Nelly was great to have on this record and they made a great song! It just makes me wanna dance and kind of run around and sing it...
I give this song a 5/5!

5. My Darlin' ft. Future
If I say that I cried the first time I heard this then you understand how I feel about this song.
Wonderfully made, wonderfully sung by Miley and Future and wonderfully put on an album that needs a song like this. I literally have no words for this, other than WONDERFUL.
5/5 to this song because of perfection!

6. Wrecking Ball
This song is one of the best on the album. It's sad but beautiful. It starts with this slow singing and in the chorus I feel like all the anger comes out. It's also in my shower playlist... Just for the record haha.
If you also want me to say something about the music video then I'm gonna say Beautiful. As I said in the beginning of the post I just don't care that she licks a hammer and other stuff. I personally believe the music video is art and not just some teenage girl swinging on a wrecking ball.
5/5 to this song too, because I cry everytime I hear it.

7. Love Money Party ft. Big Sean
I feel like the lyrics don't have a meaning as they just sing about love, money and party but I could be wrong and that the song would have a deeper meaning but I doubt it. Neither the less it's still a great song that makes me dance and sing along to it.
2/5 to this song because I like songs that have meanings and I feel like this is too "mainstream."

This song is one of the most fun songs on the whole album. It has this happy melody and it makes me dance. The song is about sex if you wanna know But Miley makes it sound great haha. 
I give this song a 5/5 because it's wonderful and fun!

9. Drive
Another one of my favorites on the album. This girl can make any human being cry just by using her beautiful voice. This song brings up how hard it is moving on and how you believe in lies. Wonderful, Beautiful and Sad.
This song gets 5/5 because of the perfection.

10. FU ft. French Montana
I feel like this song is taken from the 80's but that might just be me hah. Anyways, I love this song and I sing along to it while dancing because I can. French Montana (I got no idea who that is) makes the song even better with his voice. Whatever Miley has been through in the past she's made all those situations into great songs, and this is just one of those great songs!
5/5 is given to this one too because I GOT 2 LETTERS FOR YOU

11. Do My Thang
Judging it by the title you think it's gonna be a song like "Love Money Party" or something like that, but it's really not! At least not the chorus. It's wonderfully sung by Miley and shows off her beautiful voice.
In the verse however she's kind of freestyling though I'm not quite sure if that's what she's actually doing. She's kind of doing her own "thang" (sorry, it was neccessary). The song is really fun and makes me dance a little bit, but not full on because the song just confuses me.
I give this song 4/5 because in my opinion it could've been better but still very good!

12. Maybe you're right
This song is a lot like "Drive" and continues on telling Miley's point of view in a past relationship. In the verse she's singing quietly and in the chorus she breaks out and sings beautifully like only she can! It's one of those songs that just has to be on full volume while you sing along to it at the top of your lungs.
It gets 5/5 because it made me cry the first time I heard it, and songs that makes me cry deserves 5/5.

13. Someone Else
This song is the last song on the original album (there's 3 more songs on the deluxe version) and it ends the album flawlessly. The song explains how past relationships has changed her and how she's hurting from the past. In the song she lets us know about how she's believed in love and been fooled and played with. She also sings about how she still wants the person who is hurting her.
This song also gets 5/5 because it makes me cry everytime I hear it and to be honest I relate to it way too much to admit it...


14. Rooting For My Baby
I feel like Miley sounds a little sick while singing this but I don't know... Hahah anyways, the song is beautiful and slow, making me feel like I could fall asleep to it. Not because it would be boring, but because it's slow and just soothing.
I give this song 4/5!

15. On My Own
This is one of those strong songs and makes me feel like Miley has won all the awards for being able to make songs like this. I don't know what else to say about this song other than GREAT!!
This song gets another 5/5 because it's just simply g r e a t!

16. Hands In The Air ft. Ludacris
Last but NEVER the least this wonderful song. It starts of great, it continues to be great and when Ludacris starts rapping I'm dead because of the great song!
The last song on the album gets 5/5 because it makes the whole album even greater!

All in all the album is wonderful and the fact that Miley can have me dancing one minute and crying the next just shows that everyone should give this album a listen.
I've been waiting for her album in YEARS and now that it's finally here and so WONDERFULLY made just makes it all even better. The album gets 298549574582454587425/5 because no numbers can explain how much I love this album. My hands are in the air because of this album Miley, great done!!!

Now it's YOUR turn to listen to the album and rate it and make sure you tell me if you agree with me!
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