Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Glasses & Finished Room (Sneak Peek)


Today I have a really small post for you guys because this is an improvised post at almost 12am.

I finally got my new glasses! I've been waiting to get new glasses forever because my old glasses were giving me a headache and now I finally have my new ones! What do you guys think? Personally I love them!

My room is now also finished, I'm still missing some sort of table and a few bits and pieces for the walls but other than that it's all finished! Therefore I'm showing you my 2 favorite things in my new room, BUT they are blurred (;

Yes, those are birds. But you will not know where they are or how they are in my room just yet (;

This is pretty easy to guess, isn't it?

Well the full room tour will be coming up on youtube after christmas so you can stay tuned for that!
I still hope you enjoyed seeing this sneak peek of my room and I hope you guys are as excited to see the finished room as I am to show it to you!

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