Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Holiday

I'm gonna take a little bit of holiday during next week to just be with family and build up on writing ideas. I do have a post written for Christmas Eve and that will be posted then but other than that next week is gonna be a relaxing week for me to get great and creative writing ideas and just enjoy life when it happens.

I'm planning to start writing more personal things (which will go under the category "Creative Writing") and stuff on here as well as the beauty stuff. 
The Christmas post that is coming is a personal look into my Christmas so you'll enjoy that (:

You can also check out the "Creative Writing" category if you feel like it (: 

I am finally really happy with how my blog looks and the header and headboard and everything (: 

I know this post isn't interesting but I've spent today to categorize all my posts and to make the blog how I want it so I hope you guys enjoy seeing my blog now and reading it all (:

That is all,

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