Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Introducing: BEAUTY WEDNESDAY By ItsMaddiehbu

Yes, yes, it IS real life!

I started my blog to write about things I love and thus far I've only done hair posts because, quite frankly, I've been scared of doing a beauty post. But!!! It's all going to change now!

Therefore I've come up with the clever name "Beauty Wednesday" which pretty much speaks for itself.
EVERY WEDNESDAY (Unless stated otherwise) I'll be reviewing products, putting stuff on my face, posting tutorials and other great stuff. Please also remember that "fashion" falls in this category so yes, I'll also do Outfit Of The Day (OOTD's) and maybe some lookbooks if I get Emma to take the pictures. *stares Emma deep into her soul*

Now you guys also have a big part in this. What you can do is leave me suggestions on what you wanna see reviewed (if I have an interest in the product I might do it), what tutorials you want, anything! I'll do anything from showing off my shoes to reviewing a product or doing a nail tutorial! So get suggesting in the comments below!
That is all for today but I wish you guys are as excited for Beauty Wednesday as I am because it's gonna be sad doing this all on my own if you guys don't like it haha! Next wednesday is the official start of BW so get excited!!!

I'll see you guys on Saturday though for our weekly random post!

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