Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Maxfactor 3 in 1 Foundation REVIEW


Today I'm diving head first into something that I have never done and is much out of my comfortzone. I'm putting foundation on my face and reviewing it. What a disaster Let's do this!

*DISCLAIMER!! The product mentioned is bought with my own money and all opinions are 100% mine*

I have been using the Maxfactor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation (huh, that's a mouthful!) for a very long time and I've recommended it to some of my friends when discussing makeup.
I'm now gonna do a cheeky little copy and paste from Maxfactor's website so you can see what the site says about this foundation.

"Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 foundation holds like a primer, corrects like a concealer with the long lasting finish of a liquid foundation with SPF 20."
The site also says that the foundation "lasts all day, giving a flawless finish" and that the primer "gives a smooth base for hold"

Let's put it on my face to see if I agree!

(Pictures were taken in natural ligthing while I was ill so I was having some problem with a red nose and red cheeks as you can see)

I think that the foundation goes on smoothly and blends easily into the skin, so you don't have that sexy line of "yes I am wearing foundation and it seems to not wanna blend", which is always a good thing!

I'm not sure I agree that this lasts all day as when I get home from school it has often gone away a little but I've never felt the need to re-apply this for the evening when being at school in the day!

I feel like with just one layer it's light coverage but it's definitely buildable so it becomes medium coverage and even if you have 2 layers on you can barely feel it!

I do not recommend to use this if you want something that covers everything and some horrid under-eye circles or if you have really matte skin and wants a pick-me up kind foundation! (then there's always the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation that I have yet to try!) But if you want a matte finish and light-medium coverage this is the way to go! 
I think it's a little bit too expensive for a highstreet-foundation since most highstreet-foundations cost about 15€ in Finland. But if you're willing to pay a little bit extra for a foundation then you could always give this a try!
It costs £11,99 in Boots and 20,90€ in every store in Finland (except now it's 16,90€ with k-plussa kortti in Anttila).

Now I'm gonna do some cool rating based on what it promises (on a scale from 0-5)

Coverage: as I said it's light-medium coverage so 2/5.
Stay: It does fade throughout the day but not that drastic but as it promises to last all day I'll say 3/5.
Smell (yes smell wow): I used to use a Maybelline foundation and it smelled horrible and now using this foundation is heaven because believe it or not this foundation smells good haha. 
Concealer part: 2,5/5 because no, it does not hide everything with the first layer and not with a second one either. Concealer should always do that and you shouldn't have to pack it on, but as this is a 3 in1 foundation I can understand that it's not perfect.
Primer part: 3,5/5. I think the primer part in this foundation is pretty good considering it has to compete with concealer and foundation! 
Foundation part: 4/5. After all this is a foundation (even though it's a 3 in 1) and if the foundation didn't do the best out of all those other things the foundation includes I wouldn't even recommend this to anyone!
Overall: I give this foundation a 3,5-4/5 because I like it and it works for me. I don't need full coverage and as long as it hides scarring from pimples that's really all I need.

Please keep in mind that even though this works for me it might not be for you!
And if you're wondering my skintype is combination (normal on the sides, oily mostly at the T-zone).

Have you tried this foundation? If so, what did you think of it? And what's your go-to foundation? (:
I'll see you on SATURDAY as usual!

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