Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sorry ): + H&M Nail kit "review"


Before you all give me a massive slap on the wrist saying "WHERE'S BEAUTY WEDNESDAY YOU SH*T?!" I have a great excuse that I'm gonna use (hihi).

This week (and especially yesterday and today) has been extremely busy! I've been sooooo tired and have had a lot of things to do so therefore I haven't got a Beauty Wednesday post for you this week ): 
I will be posting on saturday as normal and then NEXT WEDNESDAY there will be a BW! Pinky promise!

For now I'll just show you this cute nail kit I bought yesterday from H&M!

It includes a handcream (smells amazing!!), a nail and cuticle cream (smells amazing too!!), a a nail file with all the different sides and a cuticle stick (idk if they're actually called that but the thing you push your cuticles down with, yah?)

If you're a nailfreak (like me) but can't buy all the most expensive things then you have to get this one! It's only 4,95€ ($6,81, 4,16£) which, according to me, is a pretty great deal!
I think H&M only sells boxes like this during christmas so get your hands on it before it's too late! (Or go there and ask if they'll sell it cheaper after christmas and buy it then (; )

Thank you for reading and I'll write to y'all on saturday!

*Products mentioned were bought with my own money and all opinions are mine*

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