Saturday, January 25, 2014

In Memory of: Sigurd Skog, my Grandpa

Today isn't a cheery kinda post day. No, it is now two years since my grandpa (dad's dad) died and I still find myself being sad over the fact that he's gone.
Not everyday, not that often but when it's Christmas and I know we would've visited him or when it's his birthday or father's day or when we go to the graveyard. Some days ago it hit me that his damn body is under my feet when I stand on the graveyard and that didn't feel good at all.
A body of someone that I loved is underneath my feet and you can't take it up from there.

Grandpa was great. He survived 3-5 years of war between Russia and Finland and he never got shot. He came back from the war with no scars, other than those in his heart and mind of course.
But he remained cheery and loving.
He got 7 children with a woman he loved who he had to see go through cancer and then die at only 60+ years old(I never met grandma). Even though all of that happened he still remained happy and he was the bestest ever.

I remember when I was little and we visited him he would always have candy and I would sit in his lap and he would sing for me and we would sing together.
When I started playing piano I used to play for him and he would always be so proud of me.
Even though he had over 10 grandchildren he loved each and every one of us so dearly and he joked and discussed with us.

As I grew older it wasn't cool to go see your grandpa anymore and I only saw him on family meetings. I did show him I loved him though but I regret not visiting him more often and just sit and talk with him about life. That would've been nice.

I saw him for the last time 24th December 2011 and one month later he passed away. If he would've lived through 2012 he would've been 87 years old.

When I saw him for the last time he lived at this elders' home and couldn't even walk. He didn't hear that good and he just sat and talked to himself saying the words he always said "Life is wonderful" and "oh yes, it is a miracle". He knew he was gonna die and he still thought that life was wonderful. I call that being very awesome.
I hugged him goodbye when we left and I knew that I wouldn't see him any more after that.

He soon ended up in hospital and was laying in bed for a couple of weeks before he passed away. I am thankful that he died a peaceful way and just started sleeping forever because he wouldn't have deserved to go through any horrible pains.

He was the first close one who passed away so I took his death extremely hard. And it's still not easy to think of the fact that he's gone, because he should see me get married. He should've seen me get confirmed and he should see me perform for people. But he will see it all from heaven above and I do believe that he's looking down on me at this very moment.

On Grandpa's funeral I sang Miley Cyrus' song "I miss you" that she wrote for her grandpa and my words before I started singing was "Grandpa always sung for me, so I thought I would sing for him"
And I will continue singing for him through the rest of my life.

Grandpa and my family in November 2011

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Best Friends & Fawns


I was recently tagged by Cara to write about my bestfriends so I thought I would do that today as I did have something planned for this day but I can't do it now sigh. 

This crazy mofo is my cousin so our relationship is different lol. Our duty is to take care of each other (and therefore go and lay on the highway in the middle of the night) and to laugh as the other one falls while doing a dance...
We are also the same exact person with different looks and our dads are brothers so it all makes sense.
I am also taking this moment to put it out there that thanks to me Mikku now has a boyfriend and I will never let her forget that and when they get married I shall make a speech and let everyone know that it's because of me that this is all happening. YASSS.

This last person I have no picture of becauseeee we don't take selfies yet lol. We became friends in September-October and we've grown to realize we've gone through a lot of the same stuff and I find myself finishing her sentances and I think that is a sign to show that she is my future bridesmaid and she should make a speech on my wedding. (what am I talking about I AM SHOWING MY WEIRD SIDE TO THE INTERNET)
I don't know what else to say about Bibi, she's funny and she thinks like me and that's why she made this list oooh.

I will also now show you some cute new animals we have got in our backyard because they are my faves and I'd love to cuddle with them but they are scared of humans.

AREN'T THESE THE CUTEST FAWNS YOU'VE EVER SEEN?! The one is just straight up looking me in the eye and this other one is posing like "oh yeah stretch your neck for the camera" 
In the first picture you can see that there's five of them and I honestly can't get over their cuteness sgfghfsjgsjf Can I cuddle them?

Okay... I think I should calm down hah. Sorry that I didn't post a beauty Wednesday post this week, I just... I couldn't do it, sorry.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Arts In My Bedroom


Today I am taking you into my room (no, it's not a room tour yet but it is coming soon!) to show you the different arts in my bedroom. Whether it's some great photographic skills by my friends, something I've done myself or just a frame you'll see it all today!

Let's start with the thing I am most proud of in my life.

I painted these on the wall when we weren't even done with the whole room because I just wanted them to be able to come to life.
I got a picture of birds and then I just put them on my wall.

This framed picture is a freaking 3D frame and it's my favorite this ever!
I got is for Christmas because I had begged for it and I was so happy when I got it!

I was looking up on YouTube to find some cool room decor and I just came across a tutorial on how to do it and I made it (: 

These are just 5 different pictures that I've found somewhere that I today put up here! (Sorry about my lights ruining the fabulous pictures sigh)

I have this cutest poster ever next to my bed on the side of my closet and I just think it's the most beautiful thing ever haha. Such a sucker for love...

These pictures are all on the bottom of my bookshelf and they're all some kind of memories for me. For example the picture on the far right is a picture Emma took while I kicked the other Emma in the butt. Ah photo skills!!
I also have the 3 picture from the right in my header (;

The last "art" in my room are just this stick-on quote that I bought years ago and I just decided that I shall put it above my door.

That is all for today!
I hope you guys loved this little post with a lot of pictures and remember to check out my first collab if you still haven't! 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jewellery January - M&C Collabs

Yes, Yes. It is time for something new and VERY exciting!

I have found myself a lovely little blogger bestie, whose name is Cara, and we have decided to collaborate 2 times every month this year!
There will be one Beauty collaboration on my beauty Wednesday during the month and one Random Monday collaboration as we like to call it. 
The beauty collaborations will start with the letter of the month (so Jewellery January) and the random Monday posts will be to just get you through the worst day of the week (In my opinion anyway).

Make sure that whenever I post a post with "M&C Collabs" in it that you ALWAYS check out Cara's post too, because that's the whole point of this, to give you guys 2 posts of wonderfulness per time (;

Now that we have the whole announcement thing I think it's time we start this Jewellery January post, yeah?
(Check out Cara's post too on her blog! )


I got this really cute jewellery holder as an early Christmas gift and I really prayed for something like this before buying it. I bought it from Glitter and I believe it was about 15€.

I store all of my necklaces, bracelets and rings on this and around it and I keep my earrings in a cute little box I painted myself.


My all time favorite jewellery that I own are these really beautiful earrings that I still haven't worn. But the reason why they are my favorites is because my greatgrandma wore them on her wedding in 1929, which is almost 90 years since! My grandma, (aka my greatgrandma's daughter), then got these earrings when my greatgrandma died and my grandma gave them to me when I got my ears pierced. I think it's a beautiful thing to have something so old and beautiful and I will give the earrings to my daughter (if I have one) and hopefully this will go on until we get 1,000,000 € for them (;

My favorite ring is this gold one with 2 red stones in it. I picked it myself for my confirmation gift from my parents and I think it's absolutely beautiful (:

Now we get to the part where I start cheating and picking more than one fave because honestly, I don't even know my favorite color, why should I be able to pick a favorite necklace or bracelet?

I have 4 favorite necklaces, one being a cross that isn't on the picture because I wear it everyday.

This cute elephant necklace is from Forever21 and that's one of the reasons it's my favorite haha. I don't think they still sell this but you could always look on their website! I got this for 2-4€ on sale last year (:

I got this V necklace from Julia as a Christmas gift and I think this is adorable! I got no idea how much it was but ooooooh, isn't it cute?

This last poor necklace is half a heart and Julia has the other half. I know this necklace isn't that pretty anymore but Julia bought it for me when we were shopping when we met so it means more to me than anything.

This is one of my favorite bracelets. It's a bestfriend bracelet and yes, you guessed it, Julia has one like this too. Money isn't shit when friendships exist haha (:

This last bracelet was actually one of my Christmas gifts. I got it from my Uncle and his wife (: It's a beautiful leather bracelet with these beautiful silvery-looking "rings" on it!

And that is that!
I hope you guys liked the first M&C Collabs and don't forget to check out Cara's Jewellery January post too!

Now a small little comment from Cara:

I'll see you guys on Saturday!
Take care<3

Saturday, January 4, 2014

10 Things To Do In Life

With a new year ahead of us I thought it would be a good idea to write the top 10 things I wanna do in my life (in no particular order) and then come back to this post and check them off when I've done them.
So grab yourself some candy (if your new year's resolution is to eat healthy then opt for some fruit) get comfy and let's get this started.
  1. Sky-dive. I'm in no way a crazy person or wanna do crazy things but jumping off a plane and just fall in the air seems totally fine to me. *sarcasm intended* I do however wanna get rid of my fear of heights and sky-diving seems like the perfect way to get rid of them. (Unless I of course fall to my death which in that case somebody else will have to write on this blog.)
  2. Study in England. I'm really interested in going to a University in England after I finish "high school" in about 3,5 years and hopefully that'll happen.
  3. Write a book. I love writing stories and I'd love to one day write a book and publish it.
  4. Travel the world. I love seeing new places and I love all the beautiful things on this Earth and I hope to one day get to go to all the places I'd love to visit.
  5. Go to Summer in the City. Just imagine it, a place full of youtubers and viewers who all are the same people and love each other. CAN I PLEASE?!
  6. Live in London. I am not a small town girl at heart even though I live in a small town. I dream of a big city with people from everywhere and I dream of getting to speak English at all times throughout the day.
  7. Meet the people that inspire me. There are a lot of people who inspire me and who help be who I am today and I'd love to one day have a real discussion with them face to face. I know this is big dreaming, but a girl is allowed to dream and that doesn't harm anyone.
  8. Meet my Prince Charming. He doesn't have to come riding on a horse, he doesn't have to live in a castle, he doesn't have to have my glass-shoe. He just has to be able to take my bullshit. HOLA WHERE THE MEN AT?! *20 years later* HOLA WHERE THE OLD MEN AT?!
  9. Have my own clothing line. Woooooow this is WAY OUT THERE NO YOU CAN'T MADDIE STOP!!! But see, I can dream it hah. Imagine though how cool that would be, I'd have shitloads of shirts with different texts on like "Listen now you lil shit." ah CLOTHING BRANDS HIT ME UP!
  10. Go to Disney World in Florida. Honestly, I just wanna be a kid for a day and just live life and run around and dance with the princes and just please, can I?

That's that! What are you're top 10 things you wanna do in life? If you have a blog do this and send the link to me! If not, just comment below (:
Thank you for reading!