Saturday, January 4, 2014

10 Things To Do In Life

With a new year ahead of us I thought it would be a good idea to write the top 10 things I wanna do in my life (in no particular order) and then come back to this post and check them off when I've done them.
So grab yourself some candy (if your new year's resolution is to eat healthy then opt for some fruit) get comfy and let's get this started.
  1. Sky-dive. I'm in no way a crazy person or wanna do crazy things but jumping off a plane and just fall in the air seems totally fine to me. *sarcasm intended* I do however wanna get rid of my fear of heights and sky-diving seems like the perfect way to get rid of them. (Unless I of course fall to my death which in that case somebody else will have to write on this blog.)
  2. Study in England. I'm really interested in going to a University in England after I finish "high school" in about 3,5 years and hopefully that'll happen.
  3. Write a book. I love writing stories and I'd love to one day write a book and publish it.
  4. Travel the world. I love seeing new places and I love all the beautiful things on this Earth and I hope to one day get to go to all the places I'd love to visit.
  5. Go to Summer in the City. Just imagine it, a place full of youtubers and viewers who all are the same people and love each other. CAN I PLEASE?!
  6. Live in London. I am not a small town girl at heart even though I live in a small town. I dream of a big city with people from everywhere and I dream of getting to speak English at all times throughout the day.
  7. Meet the people that inspire me. There are a lot of people who inspire me and who help be who I am today and I'd love to one day have a real discussion with them face to face. I know this is big dreaming, but a girl is allowed to dream and that doesn't harm anyone.
  8. Meet my Prince Charming. He doesn't have to come riding on a horse, he doesn't have to live in a castle, he doesn't have to have my glass-shoe. He just has to be able to take my bullshit. HOLA WHERE THE MEN AT?! *20 years later* HOLA WHERE THE OLD MEN AT?!
  9. Have my own clothing line. Woooooow this is WAY OUT THERE NO YOU CAN'T MADDIE STOP!!! But see, I can dream it hah. Imagine though how cool that would be, I'd have shitloads of shirts with different texts on like "Listen now you lil shit." ah CLOTHING BRANDS HIT ME UP!
  10. Go to Disney World in Florida. Honestly, I just wanna be a kid for a day and just live life and run around and dance with the princes and just please, can I?

That's that! What are you're top 10 things you wanna do in life? If you have a blog do this and send the link to me! If not, just comment below (:
Thank you for reading!

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  1. Your bucket list sounds really awesome! Hopefully one day you're going to achieve all of these :) x