Saturday, January 11, 2014

Arts In My Bedroom


Today I am taking you into my room (no, it's not a room tour yet but it is coming soon!) to show you the different arts in my bedroom. Whether it's some great photographic skills by my friends, something I've done myself or just a frame you'll see it all today!

Let's start with the thing I am most proud of in my life.

I painted these on the wall when we weren't even done with the whole room because I just wanted them to be able to come to life.
I got a picture of birds and then I just put them on my wall.

This framed picture is a freaking 3D frame and it's my favorite this ever!
I got is for Christmas because I had begged for it and I was so happy when I got it!

I was looking up on YouTube to find some cool room decor and I just came across a tutorial on how to do it and I made it (: 

These are just 5 different pictures that I've found somewhere that I today put up here! (Sorry about my lights ruining the fabulous pictures sigh)

I have this cutest poster ever next to my bed on the side of my closet and I just think it's the most beautiful thing ever haha. Such a sucker for love...

These pictures are all on the bottom of my bookshelf and they're all some kind of memories for me. For example the picture on the far right is a picture Emma took while I kicked the other Emma in the butt. Ah photo skills!!
I also have the 3 picture from the right in my header (;

The last "art" in my room are just this stick-on quote that I bought years ago and I just decided that I shall put it above my door.

That is all for today!
I hope you guys loved this little post with a lot of pictures and remember to check out my first collab if you still haven't! 

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  1. Awh this is lovely! I love those quotes especially 'be yourself, everyone else is taken' Love the London Picture and the birds too :) x

    Sinead -