Saturday, January 18, 2014

Best Friends & Fawns


I was recently tagged by Cara to write about my bestfriends so I thought I would do that today as I did have something planned for this day but I can't do it now sigh. 

This crazy mofo is my cousin so our relationship is different lol. Our duty is to take care of each other (and therefore go and lay on the highway in the middle of the night) and to laugh as the other one falls while doing a dance...
We are also the same exact person with different looks and our dads are brothers so it all makes sense.
I am also taking this moment to put it out there that thanks to me Mikku now has a boyfriend and I will never let her forget that and when they get married I shall make a speech and let everyone know that it's because of me that this is all happening. YASSS.

This last person I have no picture of becauseeee we don't take selfies yet lol. We became friends in September-October and we've grown to realize we've gone through a lot of the same stuff and I find myself finishing her sentances and I think that is a sign to show that she is my future bridesmaid and she should make a speech on my wedding. (what am I talking about I AM SHOWING MY WEIRD SIDE TO THE INTERNET)
I don't know what else to say about Bibi, she's funny and she thinks like me and that's why she made this list oooh.

I will also now show you some cute new animals we have got in our backyard because they are my faves and I'd love to cuddle with them but they are scared of humans.

AREN'T THESE THE CUTEST FAWNS YOU'VE EVER SEEN?! The one is just straight up looking me in the eye and this other one is posing like "oh yeah stretch your neck for the camera" 
In the first picture you can see that there's five of them and I honestly can't get over their cuteness sgfghfsjgsjf Can I cuddle them?

Okay... I think I should calm down hah. Sorry that I didn't post a beauty Wednesday post this week, I just... I couldn't do it, sorry.


  1. Oh my gosh those fawns are the cutest things!!! I can't believe you managed to get a photo of them, I don't think I have ever seen one in real life :( how sad

    Just watched one of your youtube videos and I really liked it :) xxx

  2. Beautiful!
    Perhaps you'd like to follow each other on