Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jewellery January - M&C Collabs

Yes, Yes. It is time for something new and VERY exciting!

I have found myself a lovely little blogger bestie, whose name is Cara, and we have decided to collaborate 2 times every month this year!
There will be one Beauty collaboration on my beauty Wednesday during the month and one Random Monday collaboration as we like to call it. 
The beauty collaborations will start with the letter of the month (so Jewellery January) and the random Monday posts will be to just get you through the worst day of the week (In my opinion anyway).

Make sure that whenever I post a post with "M&C Collabs" in it that you ALWAYS check out Cara's post too, because that's the whole point of this, to give you guys 2 posts of wonderfulness per time (;

Now that we have the whole announcement thing I think it's time we start this Jewellery January post, yeah?
(Check out Cara's post too on her blog! )


I got this really cute jewellery holder as an early Christmas gift and I really prayed for something like this before buying it. I bought it from Glitter and I believe it was about 15€.

I store all of my necklaces, bracelets and rings on this and around it and I keep my earrings in a cute little box I painted myself.


My all time favorite jewellery that I own are these really beautiful earrings that I still haven't worn. But the reason why they are my favorites is because my greatgrandma wore them on her wedding in 1929, which is almost 90 years since! My grandma, (aka my greatgrandma's daughter), then got these earrings when my greatgrandma died and my grandma gave them to me when I got my ears pierced. I think it's a beautiful thing to have something so old and beautiful and I will give the earrings to my daughter (if I have one) and hopefully this will go on until we get 1,000,000 € for them (;

My favorite ring is this gold one with 2 red stones in it. I picked it myself for my confirmation gift from my parents and I think it's absolutely beautiful (:

Now we get to the part where I start cheating and picking more than one fave because honestly, I don't even know my favorite color, why should I be able to pick a favorite necklace or bracelet?

I have 4 favorite necklaces, one being a cross that isn't on the picture because I wear it everyday.

This cute elephant necklace is from Forever21 and that's one of the reasons it's my favorite haha. I don't think they still sell this but you could always look on their website! I got this for 2-4€ on sale last year (:

I got this V necklace from Julia as a Christmas gift and I think this is adorable! I got no idea how much it was but ooooooh, isn't it cute?

This last poor necklace is half a heart and Julia has the other half. I know this necklace isn't that pretty anymore but Julia bought it for me when we were shopping when we met so it means more to me than anything.

This is one of my favorite bracelets. It's a bestfriend bracelet and yes, you guessed it, Julia has one like this too. Money isn't shit when friendships exist haha (:

This last bracelet was actually one of my Christmas gifts. I got it from my Uncle and his wife (: It's a beautiful leather bracelet with these beautiful silvery-looking "rings" on it!

And that is that!
I hope you guys liked the first M&C Collabs and don't forget to check out Cara's Jewellery January post too!

Now a small little comment from Cara:

I'll see you guys on Saturday!
Take care<3

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