Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Week At A Newspaper

Oh Hi!

This week has been a great adventure as we had work practice and I was at our local Newspaper! I wanted to see what it's like to work at a newspaper so this week has been fun!

(I'm writing this in my own little office at the newspaper to kill time as I have nothing to do right now)

On Monday when I came to the ÖT office I firstly got my own desk which is the coolest thing ever! Not only could I adjust the height of the desk but I had two computer screens so I could do two things at once! I need that at home!!

I then cleaned a closet full of newspaper until it was time to go on my first interview together with writer Tom from the newspaper. We went there and of course he did all the interviewing but it was a good experience never the less.

I didn't do a lot of other things that day, just wrote a little and other random things. 

On Thursday I followed with Tom to the city hall (apparently it's called that in English...) where we listened to a man telling us what they had decided the day before. It was all on Finnish though so I didn't understand a lot. 
I then went to school to eat and then I went to the ÖT office to get a camera and then I had to run back to school. My back hurt a lot after that because my bag weighed too much. 
At school I interviewed some High Schoolers about summer working and that ended up in the newspaper the next day! 

Wednesday was my favorite day because I got to hang out with another writer named Maria. We first went with the ÖT car to Cydennius University so that Maria could interview a woman about a study they had done at the university.
When that was done we went to my school (yes I was there AGAIN) to interview some pupils about this study. I then got to do a small interview with 5 pupils about what they think is good for their health. That also ended up in the newspaper but sadly it wasn't under my name ):

On Thursday I once again went to school to interview some people about Winter break that is coming soon. I was with Maria so she took all the pictures while I was interviewing them.
We also got to watch Abigaala (something the seniors have when they get out of school to start writing their exams to graduate) which I've never seen because it's only for high schoolers! So that was fun (:
I then also went to Royal Meals to eat with Mikku!

Friday was an exciting day for the whole ÖT as it was the day the newspaper got tabloid format from broadsheet format. So when I got there in the morning we all gathered in a small conference room to toast on a live stream to Vaasa and Pietarsaari who are also apart of the ÖT community. The rest toasted with Champagne but I'm underage so we can't have that happening and therefore I got to drink Jaffa. All good though!
After we had done that we got to eat the yummiest breakfast ever with fried eggs formed as hearts, salad, cucumber, cheese and all kinds of stuff! As they all said, I chose a good week to come for work practice! ;)
After we finished the breakfast I didn't do much until I went to my school again to get some more out of the people I interviewed on Thursday... It went OK.
I walked back to ÖT and finished the article about Winter break and then I started writing this blog post to get time to pass.
I also watched some TV because The Olympic Games are on right now and then at 12:30pm I went to Halpa-Halli cafe to eat food with the Emmas.

Other than that I also became the coffe lady who had to make coffe at 2pm everyday. Which was... Interesting haha!

I do hope I get to work at ÖT sometime in the future and if not, then that's a shame!

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