Saturday, February 22, 2014

My All-Time Favorite Songs & Why

Oh Hi!

Today I thought it was time to invite you all into my brain and let you guys know my all-time favorite songs. Sooo without any more talking let me just start. (These are in no particular order.)

1.  Christina Perri - Humans
This song and it's beautiful lyrics just means the world to me. I am just human and it lets me know that it is all okay to be that, just a human.

2. Justin Bieber - Favorite girl
Even though I no longer listen to Justin as much as I used to (or actually not at all) I still can never stop loving him for this song. It literally saved my life when I felt like dying.

3. Jessica Jarrell ft. Izzy Lee - Here is to life
This song again just helps me get up and just do my best no matter what.

4. Miley Cyrus - Liberty Walk
I listen to this everytime someone puts me down to let Miley remind myself that I can put my middle finger up and say "Fuck you." to those who try to put me down.

5. Jessie J - Who you are
Be prepared to cry your eyes out as you listen to this. Every. Single. Word feels like it's written right for me.


6. Simple Plan - Last one standing
Do I need to explain why I love this song?

7. Adam Lambert - Never close our eyes
This song. THIS SONG. Best thing on EARTH.

8. Westlife - Us Against the World
This is one of my faves because it's mine and Julia's song<3

9. All Songs from "Night Visions" by Imagine Dragons
I swear they went into my brain and made songs while being inside my brain.

Round And Round by Imagine Dragons

10. Ellie Goulding - Explosions
Beautiful song. Even through everything I can still make explosions. 

There are of course still a never-ending list of favorite songs and I can't fit them all into one post but maybe I'll do part 2 if people want me to (:

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