Saturday, March 1, 2014

Just a Little Ramble

Oh Hi!

I've had this up for hours trying to figure out what to write about and now it's 12:05am and I still don't know what to write about. 

I did have something planned but sadly I didn't feel like writing about that so then I was all out of ideas. I'm now just gonna ramble and see if this posts ends up being something hah.

It's March now, crazy huh? Time goes fast, it really does. I'd love to say that this year has been good so far but I don't know, it has just kinda been there and it's been weird. 

I've had Winter break this week and I've done absolutely nothing and it's been great! Though I've been to Sweden for a day and shopped there but other than that I've just been at home sleeping until the pm hours, ooops. I'm gonna be more than tired next week when school starts again.

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Oh last semester starts on monday, I can't believe my 9th year is soon over!! Applying for schools next week (probably) and that's scary, I admit. Like what if I fuck up? But life is a total mess and it's ok to fuck up, everyone does that.

Also, my little lifesaver turns 20 today and I think that's really weird. Though I no longer listen to him there will always be a special place for him in my heart. Happy Birthday Justin<3

What else?...
I've been on tumblr a lot recently so maybe that's something you should check out (; inspirationsforlife I also hit 13 000 followers on there yesterday!!! W O W

I think I should sleep now because I'm getting really tired. Goodnight everyone<3

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