Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Skin Care routine - Clinique 3-step System

Oh Hai!

Today I thought I would discuss a product (actually products) that has done great things to me regarding my skin (acne and hyper-pigmentation); The Clinique 3-step skin care system.

*Disclaimer! The products mentioned are bought with my own money and all opinions are 100%*

I got this when I was 13 but I only used it on occasion when I wanted a pick me up. Some months ago I thought I would start using it morning and night and my skin is sooo much healthier and better looking!

I used to use number 3 for Combination/oily skin but I ran out of the clarifying lotion (toner) so I went to get a new one and I took number 4 because it has the same exact facial soup and moisturizer, it's just the clarifying lotion that is a little bit different.
In my opinion they do the same thing except the number 4 clarifying lotion is a little bit better but it's still basically the same.

The best with this product is that it's worth the 40€ it costs and you get every single last drop of use out of it. And you see great improvement just after some weeks of using it! I've had a lot of people telling me my skin is a lot better now too so that tells you something!

The Clinique site says "With consistent twice-a-day use, you'll see skin that's clear, radiant, glowing." and I completely agree!

The products leaves your face feeling sooo soft that you just feel like going around stroking your face against other people's faces so they can feel how soft your face is. The products are also 100% fragrance free and since I recently found out that I can't use anything with fragrance in it on my face this is a good thing for me! 

Sorry for the awkward form of the picture ooops. But this was me in December, when I didn't use the 3-step system.

And this is me now.

Though I will never get rid of my red cheeks since it's something I just have the products have still done wonders and that monster pimple that came to me some days ago says hi to you. 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and if anyone was on a look for a good easy skin care routine, I recommend this! Though be sure to get the right number because we all have different skin types! So I'd recommend that you go to a cosmetics store and have them look at your skin. And if you can't then there are lots of sites online that you can use to get to know what skin type you have (Clinique has a good one!)

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