Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Always Wanted April - M&C Collabs

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We girls always have something we've always wanted but never seem to get for different reasons and this month's collaboration is dedicated to all of those products/things. So remember to check out Cara's post after reading mine! (; 

I think the Naked palettes are the most talked about eyeshadows on Earth and it pains me to not have them. But at the same time I am not willing to pay $54 for a palette of eyeshadows... So you see my struggle?
I will probably eventually get them but until I can actually afford it I'll just look at them through the computer screen. I'll survive, don't worry.

After everything everybody says about this product it's really painful not to own it. But again, the price tells me to stay away from the product until I've reached top 10 richest people on Earth so I can actually AFFORD paying $31 for a primer...

I've always wanted to try this Revlon Colorstay concealer but 1. It's really hard to pick your shade online and what I know they don't sell Revlon makeup in Finland and 2. I haven't yet found a site that ships this product internationally. But at least this is somewhat affordable.

This is yet another concealer I have to try but the only problem here is that again, it's really hard to pick your shade online... But the price with this one is not really a problem so once I find this in a store somewhere out of Finland I will probably buy it!

Now this is not so much a product, but more a whole range of stuff. Can you guess from where? No you guessed wrong. It's Lush. 
Now I'd love to try the bathbombs because I love baths but my problem here is that we actually don't have a bathtub and the only time I take baths is in hotels if they have a bathtub there (most of the time I don't go to hotels if they don't have a bathtub I am pathetic). But I could try out the shampoos and body butters (and everything else) but there's no Lush shop in my city (and I'm pretty sure there's no Lush shop anywhere in Finland) and I'd hate to order something online which then doesn't smell good. So do you see my problem?
But I'll probably soon cave in and order something online and then cry of joy as I find out that no Lush product smells horrible.

That's all of the stuff you're gonna get to read about as I could go on forever but we said 5 producs/things and if I've done my math right that is 5 products/things. Now head over to Cara's blog to read about everything she's always wanted and maybe even a personal message from me as we always do those cool ones (;

Caras message:

Hello Maddie's readers! I'm sure you all are totally obsessed with my chum Maddie as I am, so if you like her you might like some of my posts too! Pop on over and leave Maddie love in the comments below! xoxo

I hope you guys enjoyed this month's beauty collab! And remember to leave Cara some love on her blog!

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