Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tanya burr Lips & Nails

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Today I thought I would talk about the lovely Tanya Burr's makeup Line which came out at the end of January and though I've only bought one of the Lipglosses and Nailpolishes I feel that I can still say they're amazing!

Lipgloss in Picnic In The Park and nailpolish in Midnight Sparkles!
 you can buy Tanya's nailpolishes and lipglosses here

I do feel like the first picture lies a little about the colors but I had to include it since the packaging of the lipgloss is just soo cute!

I wasn't sure what to expect when trying these as not many people succeed when first coming out with a makeup line but I was actually really surprised! The lipgloss is actually really long lasting and actually also surprisingly moisturising!
The only down side with this lipgloss (atleast Picnic In The Park) is that it's a little hard to get it to show but that is understanding since it's only a gloss and not a lipstick! 

The nailpolish is also good though a little "watery" as I needed to use a few coats to get the color to really show, maybe it then would be better as a purple glitter over black? I'll have to try that one (:
But once the nailpolish is on and dry it stays on for at least a week and I didn't notice a lot of chipping which is also a good sign!

I give Tanya a 9/10 for this adorable line of nailpolishes and lipglosses and I hope to try out some more from this makeup line♥

*This is a honest review and I was not paid to say any of this, all products were also bought with my own money*

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