Saturday, May 17, 2014

16 Years Of Life

Oh Hi!

16 Years ago I was born. Well tecnically 15 years and 364 days ago since my birthday is tomorrow.

These 16 years of life has been an adventure and it's been lots of fun. Of course I've had my fair shares of stupidity and mistakes but let's not talk about that now.

I'm a May's child, therefore I love spring and summer. I love sleeping in and I love the sun and the stars. I love the universe and it all facinates me.
I love music and I love dancing. I love writing and I love reading. And I love hanging out with the few ones that I love. I don't like having too many people around because I don't feel like trusting them all.

And now, 16 years after I came out of my mom's vagina (wow sorry), I'm happy to be alive and I'm celebrating with the few loved ones I have and hoping to run around screaming and laughing. Also, while you're reading this I'm probably in fits of laughter from a joke someone has cracked and I'm gonna be thinking about how blessed I am. Also, I hope to swim tonight because after all, if you don't do something crazy when turning 16, how will you remember it then?

I'm also vlogging tonight and maybe tomorrow so you will all be seeing what we were doing!

Happy Birthday to me, the crazy little may-child who loves to hang out with her friends and look at the stars with her dad♥

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