Saturday, May 31, 2014


Oh Hi!

Today is a big day for me, I'm graduating from "elementary school". As Finland doesn't have the same school-system as some other countries it's always awkward to discuss school because our elementary school is probably not the same as your elementary school. To explain it shortly we start school when we're 7 and are obligated to go in that school until we're 13. We then move to another school where we're 3 years (9 years of school all in all). We then graduate (which is what I'm doing now) and then we can decide if we wanna go to "high school" or Professional school to get a profession instead.

Today is my last day at this school. My last hours to take it all in, because when fall comes I'll be starting High school in another city. I could've continued in my city but I wanted change and to meet different people so I decided to go to another city. 

The three years I've experienced at this school has been... Dramatic. A lot has happened and I hope that now when time comes I can get my new fresh start that I so much deserve and crave. I'm happy to get summer holiday and be able to just relax and hang out with my loved ones.

Of course it's hard also. Because I've been with these people for 3 years, 5 days a week and had only 2 months' break in between. I'll miss some of them. And some of them I'll be, honestly, happy to never see again. 

If anyone from my school happens to read this, whoever you are, I wish you good luck in the future and I wish happiness for you.

And if anyone else is graduating today or soon, congratulations! You fucking made it and you better celebrate! And I wish you all good luck with whatever you're gonna do now that you've graduated and I hope it's what you want to do♥


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