Tuesday, June 10, 2014

One Year Anniversary!

Oh Hi!

Guess what? TODAY It's a year since I started my blog! 
I remember making my blog and how I excited I was to write my first blogpost (which, let me add, is a pretty awkward one). I had had blogs before but I wanted to start fresh and just get to do whatever with no haters whatsoever.

When I started my blog I knew I wanted to write about whatever comes to my mind and have this blog as my personal little place for my random things and beautyposts. It wasn't until December though as I introduced you guys to "Beauty Wednesday". Here's the post on that.

My most read post EVER is my Zoella-Inspired Messy Bun which I did on Emma In November. I have no idea why that's the one that got the most attention but it did. With over 520 reads and counting (it get at least 5 reads a week) it somehow just impressed people haha. It was an easier version of the bun she did but it still looked good, which made Emma happy as she had to sit through like An HOUR while I curled her hair and then did the up-do.

No post I've written has gotten close to how many reads the Zoella-Inspired one has and I get it. It's always cool to see how celebrities and beauty-gurus gets their hair/makeup looking great!

In January I started something called M&C Collabs with the lovely Cara. If you're unfamiliar to this I can tell you that it's monthly blog-collaborations and we talk about different beauty/fashion/life related stuff. So far we've had so much fun collaborating and I'm looking forward to the other half of the year!

My bestie Julia made an appearance in October when she guestblogged on a saturday. And I can now say that I'm soon seeing her for the second time as I'm going to visit her in July AND I'M SO EXCITED!!

I've posted my few shares of crazy minds and creative writing and fortunately for you you can read them all in the tag I made called "Creative writing". I love writing what's honestly on my mind and it's cool to look back at some of my posts and see that I am truly, somewhat at least, smart and to see that yes, I can actually write about things that matter even though I'm somewhat a hyper non-serious girl. But the serious stuff is important, because they make us who we are.

My biggest dream is to inspire people and encourage them to believe in themselves and stand up for themselves and I hope that I can do that with this blog. If not yet, then someday.

One of my favorite posts is my Bikini Body post as it really meant something to me, and maybe it meant something to you too. I felt that I wanted to adress the fact that every body is a bikini body and I'm happy I did it. 

In January, when it had been 2 years since my lovely grandpa passed away, I paid tribute to him by writing a post about him. Reading it still makes me emotional and I can't wait to one day see him again.

My second most read post is my post on how british youtubers should get blessed. Louise and Joe had liked my instagram pictures and I was dancing around and decided to write a post about it. I should now add that Alfie damn Deyes has since followed me on twitter (that all happened 27th May) and it's forever in my heart. God bless youtubers.

This post is now getting rather long so I better finish it off.

I want to thank everyone who has ever opened my blog, I want to thank everyone who has ever left a comment on my blog. And I want to thank everyone who has ever read my blog. This is my personal little space with weird posts and some humor and other great things but it makes me happy to know that even 20 people like my blog, and to think that 6,000 people have visited my blog even once makes me jump up and down. Though I'm in no way famous or even close to being famous I enjoy writing and I'm looking forward to the following years writing this blog. I will continue to write whether I'm the only one who cares or 20-1,000 000 people read it. And I hope that I can one day inspire people the way Zoe (Zoella) inspired me to start this blog.

So a final thank you to Zoe Elizabeth Sugg for inspiring me and giving me the courage to start this blog. I love youuuuuu♥

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