Saturday, July 5, 2014

Creative Week

Oh Hi!

So this week I've been somewhat creative and done some diy stuff and because my laptop broke I've had to actually do stuff and not just sit on youtube all day, so today, for the first time ever, I'm showing you what I've done with my life. But first, let's take a quiet minute for my laptop that is now at my cousin's place and he's going to see if he can fix it. Stay strong Laptop, you can do this.

On Tuesday, when I still had my laptop, I did these flower letters above my window. I went with "Do it with passion" because I thought that kind of fits me, I don't do things I don't like, and the full quote is "do it with passion or not at all" so when I do something, I do it with passion.

On the same day, a lot later, I cut this T-shirt that I got from Mikku. It's her old and she wasn't using it so I took it last summer and now I decided that I wanted to cut it up into pieces. Well not exactly pieces but I removed most of the bottom of the shirt and then I also cut the neckline bigger so it's kind of an "off the shoulder" T-shirt now! 

 On wednesday I made a galaxy print picture with the text "TO Infinity & BEYOND" on it. This was probably the most fun to do out of all the things and I love how it turned out! Sadly my camera didn't make the painting look as good as it does in real life as the blue and purple and all the other colors are darker in real life. But oh well. I loved making this because if I made a mistake I could just paint over and it was literally just to try and try until I got the effect I wanted. This took about 5 hours all and all, with the painting first, then letting it dry and then print out the letters how I wanted and cut them out to paint them on the painting the easy way, but I'm happy with it and now I just have to find a place for it. Any ideas where I should put it?

And lastly I made a popcorn cake. I love popcorn so I had to try it, and personally I like it but I think that you either love or hate it, there's no inbetween. I got the idea from DazzleDIY on youtube!

What have you guys been up to this week? Anything interesting or have you just been waiting for a blogpost of mine? ;) Haha, let me know if you ever want me to do a diy project or tutorial and I'm up for it!
Also, if you enjoy long blogposts, come back here in 2 hours and you'll get a really long serious blogpost, so prepare your tea and cookies for that!

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