Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Just Say Yes July - M&C Collabs

Oh Hai!

Are we on time this month? Yes! This month is not beauty-related however, instead we're giving you a challenge.

If you're a viewer of Zoe Sugg, also known as Zoella, you would know that she has this motto "Just Say Yes" which she uses to challenge herself to do stuff she wouldn't normally do, and she encourages us to do the same. 
So, this month we want all of our readers to challenge themselves to say yes to stuff that they wouldn't normally do. Not like drugs or something like that, but just things like swim at a public beach incase that freaks you out or climb up on a rooftop and watch the stars if you're like me and you're hella scared of heights. And at the end of the month we will update you on how we did and we want to see if you guys did anything that you wouldn't normally do! So if your friend asks you to come swimming, challenge yourself and do it! You're most likely to have fun and if not, then you're one experience wiser!

I'm not quite sure if Cara has a blogpost up now as she's going to be gone for 5 weeks, but whether she does or not, this is a great time to check out her blog and sit and read all her blogposts. It's worth it, I promise!

So, we'll see you at the end of the month with an update on how this month went, and try to challenge yourself to do stuff you normally wouldn't do. It'll be worth it, trust me!

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