Saturday, August 23, 2014

School Life

I felt like putting this here as this is me on my first day
 of school almost 10 years ago. Wow, I've definitely changed!

Oh Hi!

So I've managed to postpone this post until it's almost already too late to even post it on a saturday but I'm fighting through and writing as my friend is here. Yay for me!

I wanted to talk about my first two weeks at school even though it might not be interesting but if you'll keep reading you'll get 10 points so I mean, take those points and embrace them!

So as some of you may know I started a new school which meant new people and teachers and oh my gosh has it been good and refreshing! The teachers are honestly great (except one but I mean not everyone can be great sigh) and I've found myself friends and it's just been good.

What I don't like is my long days. I get up at 6am almost every day, I catch my bus at 7am and I'm home again at 4pm. On wednesday and friday I get to sleep half an hour more as I catch my bus at 7:40am because I start school at 9:15am those days. 
It's more than tiring which also means I'm dead by 9pm and sleeping at 9:30pm, meaning I have about 4 hours of freedom because doing homework and such takes from 15 minutes to an hour unless I do my homework in school between classes!

I am however somewhat used to my schedule now and I find that I can sleep a little on my bus to and from school so I'm surviving haha. But my long school days means that I'm most of the time not able to write beauty wednesdays since I just put all my energy into school. But it's alright, I'll do beauty wednesday every once and again. (Also Cara if you're reading this we reaaallllyyyy need to talk about August's M&C collabs!)

I gotta say that I'm extremely thankful that I've found myself some great girls to hang out with and I have fun at school and I don't wake up every day and think "oh no I don't want to get up" which I've done in the past. Going to a different city to study was probably the greatest decision as it has made me happier (so far at least) and I hope that I will continue to be happy at my school.

ALSO I made it into the Student Council or as google translate suggested Student Association Board Of Directors. Anyway, this is a group of people, two from every class, who sit around and discuss things about the school and think about things that could be improved at school and also talk about the suggestions that other students have. So far we've only had one meeting where we picked "chairman" (all of these next words will be taken from Google translate so they might not be quite right), "vice chairman", secretary (which I am wow) and the person to take care of our money, which I didn't even know that we have money and I was amazed. I'm interested to see what it will be like and it'll probably be an interesting year!

If you've made it this far, write down that you now have 10 Maddie points which you can use to become loved by me! 
Have you guys started school? And if so, what and how are you liking it? I wish you all good luck♥

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