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Snuggly September | The Snuggly Fall Tag - M&C Collabs

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Yes, you've read the title and you're sighing because we're late with the collab again. BUT this time it's so great that you won't even mind it being late. Because, we put together a fall tag called "The Snuggly Fall tag". It contains of 20 fall-related questions and of course, our fabulous answers! We want everyone involved so if you find this tag interesting, please do it yourself and tag more people!

We're so excited for this and as always, remember to check out Cara's post after this! 
Now let's just get going!

  1. Favorite thing about fall? My favorite thing about fall is the colors the trees turn and the darkness that comes. Even though I love summer I love fall more because it's just so dark and I sleep better, and I can finally see the stars, which I love! If you read my birthday post you will know that I love looking up at the stars in the evening, and during the 2-3 months I can't see the stars because of how bright it is I get really sad to not see the stars, so when it starts getting darker and I can look up at the sky and see the stars I get so happy!
  2. Favorite fall colors? I actually can't pick my favorite fall color! I just love the variety on the trees, when they're green, yellow, orange and red. It's just gorgeous!
  3. Favorite fall songs? I don't think I actually have any songs I listen to that are about fall, but I have my own fall playlist on my phone, and those songs are basically songs I listened to during fall last year, which now remind me of fall! For example "Millionaires" by The Script and "Somewhere only we know" by Keane! Ed Sheeran's album + is also a Fall album for me!
  4. Candles or cuddles? Since I don't have a cuddlebuddy I'm gonna say candles, but if I had a cuddlebuddy I'd say cuddles because I'm such a cuddly person and I love hugs and kisses.
  5. Favorite Netflix show for fall? Confession: I don't actually have a Netflix account because I basically don't have the money. But I watch a lot of "Columbo" all year around so I'm just gonna say Columbo is my favorite show, but it's not on Netflix.
  6. Favorite fall snack? Popcorn. But then, I'd say popcorn is my all time snack for any season, any time, any day.
  7. Which youtuber's vlogmas are you most excited about watching? I'm most excited about Zoe's (Zoella) vlogmas! I loved her vlogmas last year and it's gonna be wonderful this year too! But I'm not sure if she has confirmed that she's doing vlogmas but I pray to God that she will!
  8. Favorite piece of fall clothing? Sweaters. All kinds of sweaters. Big sweaters, loose sweaters, cropped sweaters. Just give them to me, thanks!
  9. Fluffy socks or beanies? Fluffy socks because I don't really use beanies a lot, only when going outside. Fluffy socks are also a must all year around, oops.
  10. Favorite sweets for fall? Chocolate. But this is the same as with the Popcorn, I'd say chocolate at any time, any season.
  11. Favorite fall lip? I have yet to wear a red lip to school (but I will!) but red is definitely my favorite fall lip. It just screams fall to me!
  12. Best part about fall? The leaves, the stars, the rainy evenings, the sweaters, the candles, the hot chocolate, the anticipation for Christmas. Just, everything!
  13. Favorite youtuber to watch in fall? Zoe. But then, she's my favorite youtuber to watch at any time! But I love it when she starts doing autumn-related videos and when she starts getting so excited for christmas!
  14. Ugg boots - yay or nay? Fake ones, yay, real ones nay because of the animal cruelty they do (apparently, I don't know if it's true or not, but anything rumoured to be cruel to animals is a no no for me!) I love how cosy they are and how they just feel like FALL and WINTER. Ah yas.
  15. Favorite sweater you own? I can't just pick one, but if you read last month's collab you can see a selection of my favorite sweaters!
  16. Tea, coffee or hot chocolate? Tea and hot chocolate, definitely! I don't drink coffee and I don't plan to ever start and tea and hot chocolate is just so soothing for my soul. Ah, I just love it!
  17. Favorite hairstyle for fall? Messy hairstyles. I feel like fall hair can be as messy as you like and it's okay because it's fall and windy! Also, I do a fishtail braid a lot but I'd say I do that hairstyle all year around!
  18. Number one back to school tip? Organize. If you don't organize then you're screwed. Basically.
  19. How does the perfect fall day look like to you? I wake up and the sun is shining, but it's chilly. I might take a walk and then I just spend the day inside, watching movies and drinking hot chocolate or tea, depending on what mood I'm in. If it's November I'd definitely be watching christmas movies and listening to christmas music! In the evening I light some candles and I cuddle up with a blanket, some tea or hot chocolate and I either read a book or watch another movie while it's raining outside. How perfect would that be?
  20. Will you be dressing up for halloween, if so, as what? *SPOILER ALERT FOR PEOPLE IN MY SCHOOL* We will have a halloween themed day in school on the 31st October and since I'm in the student counsil group I basically have to dress up! I will be doing a full blogpost on my halloween costume so I won't tell you now what I'll be for halloween, you'll just have to wait and see!
And that my friend, is all the questions! I'm now tagging Ashlie Danielle, Youtuber and blogger Zoe H and Becky Higgins! But anyone can do this tag, whether you're a boy or girl or small or big or tired or excited (I don't know what that was). Just, go ahead and answer these questions because I'm extremely curious to find out more about you all!

As always, we have a message from Cara as well: Hi lovely readers! Sorry again that we are late, we feel terrible! But I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to head on over to my blog to have a read of my post Leende ansikte med leende ögon xx

Hope you all enjoyed this tag, we spent a lot of time on it!

The questions:
Favorite Thing about Fall?
Favorite Fall colours?
Favorite fallsongs?
Candles or cuddles?
Favorite Netflix show for fall?
Favorite fallsnack?
Which Youtuber's vlogmas are you most excited about watching?
Favorite piece of fall clothing?
Fluffy socks or beanies?
Favorite fall lip?
Best part about fall?
Favorite youtuber to watch in Fall?
Ugg boots - yay or nay?
Favorite sweater you own?
Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?
Favorite hairstyle for fall?
Number one back to school tip?
How does the perfect fall day look like to you?
Will you be dressing up for Halloween, if so, as what?

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