Monday, November 17, 2014

Outfit October - M&C Collabs

Oh Hi!

So it's that time of the month again (No not THAT time of the month) when me and Cara get together and plan a fabulous blogpost. And in true M&C style, two weeks late of the month, which led us to decide that the 3 months left of 2014 (well now only 2) will be a little bit different. We will post November's blogpost in the first week of December and December's blogpost in the first week of January, just so we won't have to be late.

For October we're going to give you two outfits. One on my blog and one on Cara's blog. So when you're done reading here you have to head over to her blog to see her outfit!

In true Maddie Laziness I haven't actually put this outfit on myself and then taken a picture (also the fact that it's really difficult when I have no one to take the picture for me). Instead I've just laid out the clothes, but I hope that's okay!

I was looking for a nice long cardigan some weeks ago and well I usually don't even bother looking for clothes in stores like Citymarket or Prisma (they're like Target or wallmart) but I went in to Citymarket because mom told me they had really cheap nice cardigans and I found two! The one in the picture is a semi-long cardigan, longer in the front and shorter in the back, and I thing I paid 10€ for it! It's also super soft but not too warm!

Under it I would wear a graphic T-shirt of some kind, the one in the picture is a black T-shirt from Gina Tricot with the text "I am really into Kittens Stars Pizza Daydreams Rock N Roll Music Late Nights Big Adventures And Myself". I bought this T-shirt last year because it just basically summed me up (except the Rock N Roll part) and I think I paid 9,95€ for it! Though you no longer can find this exact T-shirt you'll be able to find similar T-shirts in any store!

I paired the Cardigan and T-shirt with some plain Vero Moda Jeans. I actually love these jeans! They're so comfy and have lasted me a long time! I recently bought another pair of them because they now have a rip at the inner thigh. It's nothing big and you don't notice it but I wanted to get another pair for when I can't wear the older pair anymore! I paid 34,95€ for the newer pair but I think I paid a lot more for the older pair but they're still exactly the same!

For shoes I would probably go for a pair of converse because this is just a really casual outfit! Then don't forget to wear a jacket (at least in this weather, right now there's 20 cm snow and -10°C outside). Other than that you're good to go!

That's it for me, but make sure you head over to Cara's lovely blog to see her outfit! And as usual, here's her little message: "Hey lovely ladies! I hope you've loved this autumnal post as much as I have. Please do come over and check out my post. Leave Maddie love in the comments! Love always xx"

Hope you enjoyed reading this, I'll talk to you guys soon!

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