Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rainbow Rowell "Fangirl" | A Book Review

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Last weekend I spent my time at my grandparents' 200 km away from home. As I've probably said before I have no computer there so I'm pretty much stuck reading the whole weekend.
I have tons of books at home that I haven't read but I just wanted an English book to read. So I asked my friend Anna, who reads a lot, what book to read and she told me to read Rainbow Rowell's book "Fangirl". So I got it at the library and on saturday I started reading.

The book is the latest Rainbow Rowell book. She has previously written "Attachments", "Landline" and "Eleanor & Park". These are the next on my to-read list!

The book is about Cath, a 18 year old girl from Omaha, Nebraska. The book follows her first year in college as she tries to let go and be able to live with people other than her twin sister Wren, who she has lived with (together with her dad) since she was 8. She's also a MASSIVE Simon Snow fan and writes fanfiction about Simon and Baz. I won't tell you any more of the story as you'll have to read it yourself!

If I had to describe this book in one word I'd say 'sweet'. It's so incredibly sweet and somehow calm. It's basically the opposite of Jamie McGuire's book "Beautiful Disaster", which is a dramatic book with lots happening. While situations doesn't change drastically all at once it's still entertaining and nice to read, and it's somehow DIFFERENT. There was once when I expected something to happen (because it happens in every other book) and I was so chocked to see that it didn't happen!
Even though nothing in the book drove me to tears it still had me emotional and shaky, but all in a good way. And I absolutely LOVE how Rowell writes. She makes everything so... Sweet and she doesn't write out every single thing they do or think, but if you read between the lines you find out what happens, or you can make your own version of it.

Rainbow Rowell's way of ending a chapter is also something new and something that I absolutely loved about the book. It's how she ends a chapter leaving you guessing if something happened or not. Let me give you an example: (page 421, line 25)"...  and if she just raised her arms now, he'd probably take care of her shirt." This is one page before the chapter ends. The chapter then ends with (page 423, line 7) "Then she lifted her arms up over her head." Did they have sex or did they just cuddle with no T-shirts on? You don't know, but it hints towards the sex-part. But that's what I love about this book. Rowell writes in a way that keeps you guessing while still being able to continue the book. She lets you create your own version in your head. If you don't want them to have sex, they don't have sex. If you do want them to have sex, they have sex. And that's something I really really REALLY like, since my imagination always runs wild. It's lovely to get to finish a chapter your own way!

I want to recommend this book to anyone who loves sweet books, with just enough romance in them. Read the book and let me know what you think!
If you've read it already, what did you think of it?
I'll talk to you lovelies soon!

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  1. I recently got this book, I can't wait to read it!