Friday, December 19, 2014

A Little Christmas Story | Blogmas Day 19

This following story is a work of fiction, from my brain to your screens. Enjoy♥

The Little Girl's Christmas Spirit
I had put my Christmas wish list outside, holding it to the wall with an outside kind of brush. Every evening I would check if the wish list was gone, to see if one of Santa’s helpers had come to get it.
One evening, at the end of November the wish list was gone. I knew one of Santa’s helpers had come to get it. Now Santa knew what I wanted for Christmas.
“Mommy, mommy! Santa has got my Christmas wish list now!” I told mom as I ran around her. She looked at me the way you look at kids and smiled.
“Well now you just have to wait for Christmas then!” she told me as I jumped up and down impatiently.
“How many days left?” I asked, looking up at her excitedly.
She laughed. “Not long now, honey.”

Time went by and soon I was peeking through the windows. The snow was falling.
“Daddy, when is Santa coming?” I asked dad. He smiled at me.
“Soon honey, but first we have to eat Christmas Dinner!” he said. So I ate. I ate all the food my parents gave me and soon I was watching Disney Cartoons on TV. There was a knock on the door. It was Santa. And he had lots of presents. And I sat on his lap. And I sang for him.

Next year, I did the same thing. I put out my Christmas wish list and soon noticed it was gone, I waited, I asked about Santa, I ate, I watched TV, I met Santa. The same happened the next year. And the next. Until I learnt that Santa isn’t real. Then Santa started leaving the presents outside our door for us to hand out to the family members. And soon I started wishing that I still believed in Santa. So that I could be as excited for Christmas as I was when I was little.
The magic had gone away, and so had my happiness. I spent all my time in my room on my laptop. I took my happy pill, the pill that made me smile a little bit and helped me get out of the hard times.

Then one November day years later I handed a Christmas wish list to mom.
“This is what I wish for!” I told her excitedly. Mom laughed.
“You can’t get all these things!” she told me.
“Mom, I know, but it’s just to give you an idea!” I told her. Then I waited for Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve came, and I looked out of the window. It was snowing. I turned to dad.
“When will we hand out the presents?” I was excited, waiting impatiently. Dad smiled.
“Soon love, but first we have to eat Christmas Dinner!” he said. So I ate, I ate all the food I could manage. Because it was Christmas after all. And I watched the Disney Cartoons on TV. And then I handed out the presents. And I took my happy pill, and I was happy. Because I got the Christmas Spirit back.

I love writing and I don't write any stories for this blog, so I wanted to write a little story for Christmas! I might make it a monthly thing, you never know!♥

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