Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Decorations | Blogmas Day 2

Oh Hi!

Now that it's officially december I can finally decorate for Christmas. But I'll admit that I decorated two weeks ago, when I was ready for it to be all Christmasy. Yes, I went against the rules, I'm sorry!

I have my Christmas tree in a corner of my room, next to my bed. It's honestly the only place I can have my Christmas tree.
I found the ball balls at Tokmanni (a finnish store that has everything in it) for 1€ each. So I bought 6. You know how you do it.
The other decorations I have in my tree are things we've had forever, so I have no idea where they're from!

I hung these three decorations in my window, because my window was just looking a little bit empty. I got the heart as a Christmas gift from grandma last year and I thought it would look kind of cute hanging there.
The snowflake and the "ball ball" is just plain paper that I made last year!

I hung the cutest Santa Claus above my bed.

And here we have a cute pillow looking all christmasy!

I hung these adorable Snowmen lights on the "window sill" (online dictionary telling me I should use that) and wrapped some decoration ribbons!
 I have no idea where the snowmen are bought as they are extremely old, we can say they're basically vintage!

I had this miniature sleigh just chilling on my window sill and I thought I had to give it some meaning, so I made a sack for Santa, then I made some lose presents by wrapping pieces of a sponge in wrapping paper.
We had this reindeer just chilling in our kitchen window so I thought he would be Santa's Rudolph.
I'm still looking for a Santa to sit in the sleigh!

LIGHTSSSSSSSSS. No but seriously, these are the coolest fairy lights you will ever see. THEY BLINK, THEY CHANGE COLOR. Mind = Blown.

How have you guys decorated your house/room for Christmas?♥

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