Thursday, December 4, 2014

DIY Beauty Calendar | Blogmas Day 4

Oh Hi!

For today's Blogmas I thought I would show you my DIY beauty advent calendar since I'm planning on doing a weekly roundup of the things I get in the calendar every monday, together with what I get in my Disney Prinsesses calendar (yes, I have a disney prinsesses calendar, how jealous are you?). You can look forward to that!

This is what the advent calendar looks like. I made it with toilet rolls and then I just glued together all the toiletrolls around these four different sized boxes. 
I made the closing of the toiletrolls with some cardboard and then I just painted them and that's basically it!

The hardest was actually getting the calendar up on the wall. The toiletrolls aren't actually glued to the Christmas tree, so hanging it up in the right place was really hard. I took some skinny twine and tied it to the top part of the calendar, then I hung the twine on these pins and then I did some other weird things that I don't even remember and after 30 minutes or so I finally got it how I wanted it to hang. If you're easily irritated, this isn't the job for you!

I then cut out a star from some cardboard and painted it with gold actylic paint. Then I put it above the christmas tree like a top for the tree and then I was all done!

The calendar includes everything from nailpolis to perfumes to nailfiles and I've gathered all the things since the end of July. As I'm writing this I still don't have things for box 23 and 24. But hopefully that will be fixed soon.
I've made my mom fill it so that I don't know where anything is but some of the toiletrolls are made specially for one kind of thing, so I know where a few things are.

This is a really fun way of making sure you get things you WANT in a beauty advent calendar and it's also a lot cheaper than going out to buy a 75€ beauty advent calendar. You can also do a lot different calendars, you don't have to use toilet rolls or make it into a christmas tree! It's all up to you!

What advent calendars do you have? And how are you enjoying Blogmas and other youtubers' Vlogmas this far?♥

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