Thursday, December 11, 2014

DIY "Santa, Stop Here" Door Sign | Blogmas Day 11

Oh Hi!

Recently I saw this "Santa stop here" door sign in Tanya Burr's video and it got me thinking that I could probably make an inspired doorsign myself! So I did!

First I found this piece of wood and had my dad cut/saw it to the right size, mine is 10x20 cms! My dad also made two holes for the strings to go through.
Then I just smoothed down the edges!

I then first traced out on the wood how I wanted to paint the snow and then I just painted it with white acrylic paint! I did have to do a few layers before it was white enough! I also painted the top of it so it would look more "realistic".

After I was done painting the snow I roughly traced out the letters "SANTA, STOP HERE" and then painted them with white acrylic paint. Again, it did take some layers before it was white enough.

At first I wanted to paint some gifts or a christmas tree, but then I decided to paint a Santa hat. I again traced it out first and then I added the white and then the red!

I then took 3 different yarns and braided a loooooong string to tie to the sign!

I tied it like so and then it was all done to hang it on my door!

I can say that I recommend removing the sign if you're one to get up many times during the night to go to the bathroom because I carefully tried to open my door at 3am and the sign fell off and made a loud noise. I don't think my parents heard but don't risk it!

Will you be making your own door sign?♥

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