Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Favorite Christmas Movies | Blogmas Day 17

Oh Hi!

Today I thought I would tell you some of my favorite Christmas movies as Christmas movies are a big part of my holiday!

My all time favorite Christmas movie is "The Polar Express". It's such a lovely movie and when I watch it I start wishing that it was real and that Santa Claus could travel around the world in 24 hours. Can we make that happen?

Next up is "Four Christmases". This is definitely a movie for teens or young adults but it's such a hilarious movie! And a little weird haha!

Another of my all time favorites is Home Alone! I love Home Alone 1 and 2 the most out of all the movies. They are just so hilarious and such feel good movies and I might've cried while watching them (ssshh!).

I've actually only ever watched Love Actually once, but I'm planning on watching it again soon! The reason why I haven't watched it more is because I just cried like a baby and I don't like watching movies that make me cry, haha! But this is such a beautiful and wonderful movie!

Last but not least, Elf. It's such a hilarious movie and Will Ferrell is of course a great actor! I have to say though, this isn't my top top favorite movie but I will watch it every Christmas!

I do have many more favorites but if I were to count them all we'd be here forever!
Let me know some of your favorites!♥

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