Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How I Celebrate Christmas | Blogmas Day 16

Oh Hi!

Today I thought I would tell you how I celebrate Christmas since I know I love hearing how others celebrate Christmas!

My grandparents (mom's parents) usually come to us on 23rd and stay a few days, so Christmas starts the 23rd for me! I don't see my grandparents that often as they live 200 kms away from us, so it's nice to have them over for Christmas.
On the 23rd we usually go to church to see the Christmas play they always do, and that's always a sign that it's actually Christmas. They sing and act out Jesus being born (not the actual birth scene) and they have dancers and yeah, it's just really festive and beautiful.

On Christmas Eve I wake up early (I'm like an excited kid) and I have breakfast that grandma always makes and then I usually open a few Christmas presents (gifts from friends and one or two that have ended up under the tree during the night). I then help make the christmas dinner and I make the table.
We usually go to the grave to leave Grandpa, Grandma and my brother some flowers and light a candle to remember them.
Sometime at 3pm I get ready because it's always nice to be dressed up at Christmas!
At 4pm the Disney Cartoons are on so we always watch that even though it's the same every year. It's a tradition I guess!

When the Cartoons are over Dinner is often ready and we all sit down to eat. We have Christmas ham, meat balls, ling (fish), salmon and some other things. And I eat until I can't eat anymore (because I love food).
At this time I'm usually getting impatient as the rest of my family is still eating and talking about random boring things while I'm all done. So I ask a million times if I can start handing out the gifts (the answer is no).

EVENTUALLY they're done and we just sit down to talk some more because that's what adults do. This is when I sneak of to my room to spend some time on my laptop and then I can finally hand out the gifts.
My brother and I get most gifts so it's always really funny to read my own name over and over again.

When all the gifts are handed out we count them and then we start opening the gifts, because let's face it, that's the most exciting part of Christmas. 

And then that sinking feeling comes when you don't know what to do then when it's all over. Like I wait half a year for Christmas and it all passes by so fast!

Then I just spend some quality time with my grandparents and play chess with my grandpa (he lets me win). When the others go to sleep I often sit up on my laptop watching a Christmas movie!

And that's my Christmas done. How do you celebrate Christmas? I'd love to know!♥

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