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Weekly Roundup 15-24th December | Blogmas LAST DAY

Oh Hi!

It's the last day of Blogmas and I have to say that I'm actually extremely proud of myself for making it! I kind of didn't think I would do it! Also, the fact that I only missed one day is OK because it was supposed to be a baking thing but the baking thing failed so I couldn't blog about it and I didn't have a plan B!

I thought I would show you lovelies the rest of my DIY Beauty Calendar and what I got from 15th - 24th December!

On the 15th I got this sample Shower cream from LdB. I actually have NO idea where I got this, it's a mystery! It's supposed to smell of wild strawberries & cocoa but I haven't had a chance to actually smell it since if I open it I have to use it!

On the 16th I got Maybelline Baby Lips Mint Fresh. I wouldn't actually recommend using this to moisturize your lips as Baby lips include petrolatum (petroleum jelly) which makes your lips feel hydrated, but only while the product is actually on your lips! So this is kind of a pointless thing in my calendar as I actually won't use it, oops.

Next up I got a Yves Rocher Naturelle Perfume Sample. This smells absolutely wonderful but I suck at explaining scents haha! It smells pretty fresh and flowery I guess!

On the 18th I got another perfume sample from Yves Rocher! This is called Quelques Notes d'Amour and it's a very flowery scent!

On the 19th I got Lumene Finland Clear it up! 2 in 1 Deep Purifying Daily Scrub & Wash Sample. I got this when I went to ask Emotion for some samples!
I don't think I would recommend this for sensitive skin as it includes perfume!

Next up on the 20th I got Yves Rocher Sebo Végétal Purity Mask. It's for Combination to Oily skin and you're supposed to use it twice a week. It should only be on for 5 minutes so it's a quickie! I already have another tube of this but I'm running out of it! While this actually includes perfume I haven't had any reactions to it and my skin seems to like this product! I've now however been lazy with using this product so I can't say if it does anything haha!

Next up is another sample of the Yves Rocher Quelques Notes d'Amour perfume! This time in a cute little bottle, awww!

On the 22nd I got the Bourjois Paris Délice De Poudre Broncing powder in 51. I've wanted to try this forever and so I bought it for myself from Feel Unique some months ago for the calendar!

On the 23rd I got three things! First up Nicea Daily Essentials Refining Clear-Up Strips. I've been using these for a while and I ran out of them so I bought myself a new pack! They come with 4 nose strips and 2x2 strips for chin and forehead! I usually use the nose strips once a week and then the chin and forehead strips every other week as I find my pores aren't as clogged there!

I also got a sample of the Clarins Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation. While the sample is a lot darker than my skin tone I get to at least try the product and see if I like it! This sample I picked up from Kicks which is a cosmetics store! There is another foundation by Clarins that I really want to try but they didn't have it as a sample so I got this one instead.

I also got a sample of The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial wash. I've had another sample of this one and I absolutely love it when my skin is hating me and I think I will eventually cave and buy a full sized bottle of this!

On Christmas Eve I got this nail kit with 2 nailfiles and one scrub(?).
I also bought The Script's album "No Sound Without Silence" as another gift in the calendar so it was a good ending to it all!

I hope you guys have enjoyed Blogmas as much as I enjoyed doing it and I hope we can do this again next year!♥

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