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Dreaming December - M&C Collabs

Oh hello there!

It’s Cara!

For the last (OH NO!) M&C collab, we decided to write our posts as always but post them on each other’s blogs, like guest blogging. So when you’ve read my post (This one here!) then be sure to head over to my blog and read Maddie’s post. Confusing, I know!

Happy New Year to you all! Considering it is now 2015 (I can’t believe it!) it felt right to title this post Dreaming December.

Every New Year, I like to think about what I can do to make myself better and how I can continue to grow into the person I want to be. I think this is really very important for teenagers to have goals that they can strive to achieve.
So for this post we are going to be talking about our goals and fears for the New Year.

One goal myself and Maddie have in common is to always to our best in school. I have a lot of goals for the future that need hard work and focus to become reality. If I don’t reach that dream, at least I am going to be able to say that I did the best I could have done and have reached my full potential, which was just not enough. I plan on continuing to do my best at school.

Another goal of mine is to become more active, fit and lose weight while staying healthy. This is a very difficult subject for me, so I won’t weigh on it too much. For my height, I am the exact average weight however I feel unhealthy and unfit and that my body should be so much better. There is no point in telling me “Oh, you’re not fat!” because that is how you see me and not how I see myself. So I am going to make an effort to work out, and be physically healthy this year.

Another one of my goals is to start doing stuff. I mean saying yes to things that I wouldn’t normally agree to (nothing illegal or irresponsible obviously), taking opportunities and going on adventures. I want to make this memorable and fun, living by a couple of lovely life mottos which I might be doing a post on!

Another goal for this year is to be more productive and organised. I mean having time set for school, time set to blog, and just general things that I find difficult to factor into my current schedule. I honestly want to make this work, as I need to prioritise things that are important and do more of them!

My fears for 2015 are very simple, because it’s a fear I have in life. That fear is not achieving what I plan, or want to achieve. Now I know, this sounds incredibly stupid, because if that was a fear then I would cry every time I missed my alarm! I don’t mean something that simple, because obviously life and this year is going to have its ups and its downs. I mean for example if I do not become fitter, then I will be disappointed. In life, if I never go to New York, I will be disappointed. But I guess if your dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough.

That’s all for today’s post. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed 2015, and that much happiness comes your way. I hope you will continue to stick with Maddie and I throughout this New Year, despite how crazily bad we are at posting on time!

Thank you beyond words for reading the 12 M&C collabs that have gone up. We appreciate that support immensely. Head on over to my blog to read Maddie's post and have a wonderful 2015!


C xx

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