Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hair Talk | Beauty Wednesday

Oh Hi!

Today I thought I would discuss hair because that's something I've recently been focusing on (seeing as I can't do anything to hormonal breakouts). I am on my way to going insane over my hair.

I have pretty healthy hair and I don't wash my hair everyday, but the ends are dry like the desert. It's normal for people with curly hair to have dry ends but it's frustrating! I've read up on the interwebsss and I am going to buy some coconut oil as that's something to apparently put in your hair to make it healthy. 

I also want long hair, but my hair just doesn't seem to grow past my boobs at ANY TIME. I really don't know what to do to get it to grow but maybe if I get my hair to be healthy it will grow faster? *Fingers crossed* Since I have naturally curly hair I can't use hair extensions or else I would have to straighten my hair everyday, which won't work.

Currently I'm having a no heath week/weeks (we'll see how long I can go) since my hair just needs a break from heath. I don't straighten all my hair but I tend to straighten the front bits as they just stand in weird ways. Fingers crossed my hair will get a good break!

I've also had an urge to dye my hair light pastel purple/lilac. I don't know, but I want to have my hair an unnatural color at least once in my life. There's no chance though that I get to dye my hair any unnatural color while I still live at home, but you can wait for some crazy hair when I turn 18 or so!

What hairtips do you guys have? What do you do to maintain healthy hair?♥

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