Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Foundation Problems | Beauty Wednesday

Oh Hi!

So recently I've really been looking for a foundation. My MaxFactor Face Finity foundation is too dark (of course) and my Maybelline Super Stay foundation is too dark and breaks me out. So I went to Emotion, the only makeup store we have in my town, hoping to find a good foundation to try. I was willing to spend 40€ as well.

I was thinking about trying the Clarins Ever Matte foundation so I went to the Clarins counter and picked up the lightest shade and tried it on my jawline. Nope. Too orange and dark. Then my friend said hello to one of the girls at the store. Turns out she knew her so then she kindly helped me look for a foundation in my shade.

We spent half an hour trying to find a foundation with a pale shade that wasn't orange. Literally no luck. We then, in a desperate "I JUST WANT A GOOD FOUNDATION" tried the L'Oréal True Match foundation in Rosy Ivory C1. It was closer to my shade but not perfect. But the closest we found. So we applied it all over my face and I said I wanted to see if it stays on. Then I got some of the foundation in a little tube to try at home.

Four hours later when I took of the foundation it had gone about 2-3 shades darker. Oh okay? I know the reason a foundation does that is because of oxidation and you can prevent it but the foundation isn't really my shade from the start. (Conclusion: I will note buy that foundation.)

So why is it that we pale girls who don't ever get a tan have to run around trying to look for a foundation everywhere? Well, when makeup brands pick shades, they pick the shades they think are most popular. Sadly, they find that the really pale ones aren't popular. Or then they do make a kind of pale shade but make it way too orange. Need I tell you; Most pale girls have cool undertones, AKA the foundation should be more PINK than ORANGE. 

So, in my desperation to get a foundation in the right shade I'll probably be going 2 hours to another city to go to another makeupstore that sell more makeup.

Any pale girls reading my blog? If so, what foundation do you use and what skintype do you have? Give me all the recommendations because I'm DESPERATE.

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